9 Hidden Websites That Pay You $18-$20 Per Hour (Work At Home)

Hey, what is up Sipon Dawyen with you in this article

I am going to share with you 9 hidden websites that will pay you $18 – $20 per hour all work at home with your own schedule.

Make money online it’s all about growing skills and knowledge the more skills you have the more benefit you will get and people will trust you for your work, but without any skills, you cannot grow anything or make money online with confidence.

But not to worry I am going to share with you a proven method that helps you to make money if you follow properly and take action to achieve it.

First of all, I am going to warn you so that you avoid a website that is claiming false and shows you fake money imagination to achieve your trust.

Because I review lots of websites who already cheat with thousands of people and play with their trust and after doing hard work people didn’t get paid properly from them some of the users make $500 $600 but when the time to payout the website suspended their account without any warning.

Because the scam website does this to make people fool and cut innocent people’s pockets.

BUT in my blog, I already share lots of legal websites and methods that help you to make money if you try and work.

And in the last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

1. Userfeel.Com

If you have a good quality microphone if you know how to review a website or apps as you do on Google play store when you download some apps that you like. If you know how to provide a real comment so that people can understand what to make a change.

Then you are the next person who can make money testing website and get paid $10 to $20 per test.

Userfeel will give you some websites and apps and give you some requirements so that you follow and start work when you will take a test. Then you will see some simple tasks like go to this website and share your honest opinion speak out to say what you like and what you don’t like, record it and complete the task to get paid by PayPal.

Different big companies, website owners, brands who have millions of dollars come to the user feel website for a service so that they get a real user data that help them to improve their website for the future.

As you know they have money they would like to update their website and apps for more user-friendly so that more people like it and use it and if they don’t know what real people think about them then they cannot upgrade or change anything.

That’s why they like to pay simple people like you who have no experience but want to make money reviewing a website or apps.

Userfeel is providing a service to this company’s, website owners so that they get the right data from real users. Which this means user feel is doing service and providing solution both companies and users who need help and who need money for completing a test that’s why it’s really amazing to start work and make money without investing thousands of dollar or learning from a course.

But it’s really important to know that is this website really going to pay you money or is there any way they can do fraud in the future?

Because no matter how the good looking website you see if they are doing something wrong inside with the user then you cannot trust or invest your valuable time in it.

That’s why I research to find the trust score that what other people or big companies and brands are saying about user feel website.

The good part is I found all positive results because they are already trusted by high authority websites like Target, Rakuten, TripAdvisor, McKinsey, 99designs, 1password + many more.

Another helpful part is if you need some experience that how to complete review a website and get paid then when you will visit the user feel official website and if you scroll down then you will see almost 8 new different peoples work result and video that how they complete test a website from the desktop also from mobile.

The great part is you have the opportunity to test a website in your own language if you don’t good at English but if you know how to speak English you will get lots of new work opportunities in a short time.

I already saw some videos that they are recording with Swedish, Polish, Hindi, Brazilian and many different languages. So if you want to test a website in your own language then just connect with their support team talk with them so that they can provide you more solutions so that you work in a comfortable way and make money.

2. Fiverr.Com

Fiverr it’s a freelance service platform where you will get almost millions of clines and buyers who are ready to pay you for a service.

Why Fiverr?

Look to make money online work from home you need to have skills or systems that can help you to make money or you can work on some website and follow their requirement so that you make money investing your time.

But in Fiverr, you have the opportunity to provide 1 service multiple times to thousands of people over again and again to make the same amount of money always and it’s a great deal to start work in Fiverr and make money without learning any kind of high skills work.

Also, you start making money from Fiverr then you can learn more high skills work for your career.

Let me give you an example so that you can get a make money imagination that will motivate you to move forward.

Dushanwijez is charging $60 for 2 logos
Dushanwijez is charging $60 for 2 logos


He is providing a logo design service for business and if you saw his recommended standard logo design service cost he is charging $60 for 2 logos and almost he has 4.9 ratings and completed 1148 orders

So let’s calculate how much money he just makes providing the same service again and again

1148 x 60 = $68,880

Yes, this is the truth!

Now, what if I say that you can provide the same service in only 10 to 20 minutes help of a website yes because to make this kind of logo designs is easy to do & provide a service and make money with confidence.

Just you have to be creative and smart so that you work hard and make money investing less time.

If you want to learn the secret tools, ideas, and skills that save time and make work easy?

Then I will recommend you to learn from this article where you will get

Fiverr is a big market place and day by day people are investing more time on Fiverr.

Because if people find money in a place then there’s always they will like to go to the place and get some experience that how everything really happening.

The good part is you can provide a service based on your own choice and set a gigs price like $5, $10, $20, $100 or more because Fiverr has multiple categories, services where you can provide logo design service, video editing service, article and blog post, survey, translation, website designs, even you can sale YouTube thumbnail, data entry work, business tips, you can be a virtual assistant, video marketing, you can review mobile apps, websites, and many others simple work available to make money.

If I share with you a trust score that how much people love this website? Then I would like to say that people are happily making thousands of dollars every single week and who have some great skills and smartly providing a service they are making the most money.

So if you start it will take a few weeks to understand how to create a gig & why clients will purchase your gigs. But if you search on YouTube that how to become successful in Fiverr then you will get lots of solutions and real Fiverr users who make money they are already sharing tips and tricks so that people get a solution and make money without any fear.

Because you know beginners don’t have any kind of skills and they don’t have any road map to get started. That’s why they learning from different courses, videos to be confident and start work and as you know I already share 10 creative ways that will also help you to take action.

You will be amazed to know how easy to provide a service and make money without becoming a professional.

3. Sayabc.Com

In childhood, I studied through various subjects and through various small letters you and I learn a, b, c, d. Now you know different words meaning as like what is the meaning of apple what is the meaning of car and how it’s work. Which is constantly helping us to know more as a result, we have grown into a knowledgeable human being.

So like this way, if you want to teach kids who need a teacher who will help them to learn a, b, c, d then you can easily make up to $19 per 40 minutes completing lessons and all you can do from home online.

If you are patient, of course, you can teach your children different types of new words which will help them to grow. Sayabc is an online platform where people from different countries around the world are eager to teach English to their children online.

Most of their students are from china and you have taught kids between 5 to 12 years old. At a young age, they have a good learning brain so if you teach them English with different helpful activities like toys, songs, games, videos so that they can practice in a friendly way and feel comfortable to learn then you can make more money in a short time.

Because kids have lots of interest in toys, games, and playgrounds inside the sayabc.Com platform they have different educational tricks that will also help you so that you can perfectly teach a student and communicate with them without any kind of problems. You know sometimes they can do noise, some fun but when you will teach them a different attraction like toys they will happy to learn from you.

And inside they have also 100 + books and a library that will also help you so that you can easily choose the perfect book to teach the student in the best way.

If you follow the china time zone then you can schedule more classes to make more money because most of the students are comfortable with this time.

Also in sayabc you will see time slots calendar to book a class in a good schedule time then just listed your class and start teaching at the right time.

I saw sayabc real users review in glassdoor.Com who are already working with this website for more than a years working as a part-time and teaching kids they are saying that it’s a great opportunity to work from home they said their homerooms is really good to teach a student that is a great benefit for both student and teachers.

So if you think you are ready to make money teaching kids then why not you just take action to follow sayabc requirement and apply to get started to earn some money.

You can be a full-time teacher to make more money in a short time because you have to do the same job teaching a new student the same subject again and again so no worry about anything teaches and get paid, be happy.

4. Webfx.Com

The great thing you can do is work for an SEO marketing company called webfx.Com. Basically, you will get paid to help companies, brands, website owners to drive traffic using SEO. That is called search engine optimization this is the organic way to drive traffic to the website.

If you become an SEO expert then you will know how to rank a blog, website, video and getting traffic and this is what companies really like because they don’t have enough time to do SEO that’s why they hire people for working with them and providing them the SEO service.

So, first of all, go to option called we are hiring careers at web fx.

Then you will see a full-time remote copy editor job.

You can do this job work from anywhere as long as you have a fast internet connection and a good workplace.

They will pay $15 to $18 per hour they are looking for a long-time freelancer partnership who will provide content for a blog post, sales copy, long-form content and many more.

Click here to learn more details requirements.

I have another SEO course for you where you can learn (a to z) about how to do SEO and earn $100 to $200 every single day help of a website and driving free traffic.

The course name is SEO affiliate domination and the co-founder of this website his name is “Greg Jeffries” he is a six-figure affiliate marketer and already wins click funnel dream car.

Greg Jeffries already teaches thousands of people about SEO so that they can use their website to start passive income.

When you will visit the official website instantly you will see some video where lots of real people sharing their testimonials that after learning from Greg Jeffries SEO strategy they are making good money in a short time.

You know people are recommending that there are lots of SEO course online they are talking about SEO and sharing some techniques and tricks but in SEO affiliate domination course you will learn the exit formula that helped Greg Jeffries to make passive income every single month and how he is currently rank in Google and other search engines to generate thousands of traffic.

If you invest in this course your time and money will be safe because after complete and practice you will get back the money in your account because you will get all the proven road map to follow and success and after complete the course you will be an SEO expert and you can provide a service in any marketplace with confident.

5. Profitfactory.Com

This is a company that helps systematize a business if you want to become an entrepreneur or if you’re looking for a client for your business so that you can grow your business faster.

So if you just go to profit Profitfactory.Com/jobs then here you can see there jobs post they don’t really have a direct link on their home page to go to this option. In this option, you will see 3 or 4 virtual assistant work from home jobs are available and they will pay you $18 to $20 per hour working with them and you can work for different types of companies who are looking for an assistant.

They are looking for some basic skills that required if you want to join to the job usually you have to be good in Facebook group managing, Microsoft excel, Facebook ads manager, google analytics, canva, mailerlite, replying on email, also you might have to do some data entry or schedule something for them.

This position work will start out with 25 to 30 hours per week you can quickly move to more hours full time if you want.

You should check out to learn how to apply following their requirement.

6. Vipdesk.Com

Vipdesk is a place that helps his clients with different customer support, sales, communicate with clients, help customers to find a good product and other stuff.

The good part is they are also looking to fill jobs in those roles if you are interested to work.

So go to vipdesk.Com then go to their “Career” option and click “Current opening” that will take you to where you can see their requirement, job location, how much they will pay you and find what they have available jobs to get started.

You will see they have customer service and inbound sales representative part-time remote job 21 location and the same work for full time 21 location.

They typically pay $18 per hour as well as depends on experience for a high payout.

You have to work and provide customer service, providing a solution to clients and many more work categories available.

Basically they are required is

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Some good knowledge of using Microsoft office suite
  • You have to be good in spelling and grammar
  • Minimum Able to work 18+ hours per week

Also, they have training that will educate you to give knowledge that how to work on the job and make money for your valuable time you invest. So if you are interested I will recommend you learn why people love to work and who they are.

7. Amazon.Jobs

Amazon is a big company and always they have work from home jobs available and many people don’t know about which categories jobs are really paying the most money.

Most of their job is need high skills and background education but some of them are easy to start work with some basic skills. You can start work something like data associate for Alexa data services and sometimes they have some virtual job available just go to their search option and search which category you like to find a job and apply for it.

Then if you click the search button without any keywords then you will see lots of categories then scroll down into the down below then you will see work from home job categories that you can do from home and you will see all their requirement and description.

They still have 883 jobs available on this category but what you can do is look for simple jobs like data entry you can search with this keyword “Data associate” most of this work is typing related where you have to do some short task like fulfill a Microsoft word documents, making a list, collecting data and provide to client. All the actual office location you will see and some of them you can do work from home. So find a job that perfect for you then apply to get it started.

The good part is amazon is a big company and making millions of dollar so if you find a job in here it will be good for you because you can do this job for a long time to make real money all work from home and if you want to update your skills for more high-quality job that pay well. Then always learn new skills and apply another job to change your mind into a big dream.

8. Transcribe

A transcriptionist is a job where you have to listen to an audio file or a video then you have to write what you listen that means you have to convert the audio file into a text file to complete your job and for this, you will make $10 to $20 per hour or more.


Rev is a website and providing a service to clients who need to turn their video & audio into a text file and who are interested to make money they join in rev freelancers to complete the transcribe into clients’ requirements and get paid for the work. Rev features in Forbes, business insider so if you are interested you can become a freelancer to make money as a transcribes.


You can do the same job on another website called gotranscript.Com. Most of their freelancer who has good experience their top monthly earning is $1215 and the average new freelancer is earning $150 month.

9. Squadhelp.Com

If you know how to type a name for your Facebook account or your Instagram account then you are already perfect for this work. Because in squad help you have to type a name for business, brand, service, books and you have the opportunity to earn $200 for just typing a name.

Yes, this is the truth because of different entrepreneurs from worldwide who are interested to start their business or want to grow a brand they come to this squadhelp.Com website to get a solution for their business. For this, they are ready to pay $200 even $500 for only a name and who are interested to make money they just joined in a contest and provide a name based on their requirement, when the contest end entrepreneurs choose a winner and give the reward.

So if you want to make money providing a name then you can join squad help contest for multiple time and it’s for free.

They are paying their users who are providing a name so there is no worry and Squadhelp already features in Forbes, Mashable.Com So it’s trustful.

My Final Thought!

If you want to make good money then I would like to tell you that grow your skills in affiliate marketing or in video marketing because you can earn big profit quickly help of this to categories.

I already share how you can make $18 to $20 per hour hope all of this website will help you.

Just you have to work and make money

So that’s it for now if you have any question

You can write in comments below


If you want to make $100 with zero investment?
Then you can read my case study hope it’s will help you to learn something well..
Take care and have a nice day..

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Websites That Pay You $18-$20 Per Hour

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