SEO Affiliate Domination Crash Course Review

Welcome to my SEO affiliate domination crash course review!

Every day online new products, training, ebook are coming out. If you take a little time to study then you will understand which is real and which is fake. If you follow this method all the time you can buy the right thing, that will save your money and time.

Because no one wants to be a victim of cheating.

Ok… Now let’s go to the main topic.

I personally saw the SEO affiliate domination crash course for 12 days. That’s why I said in the title, save your 12 days of time.

In fact, I really liked seeing all the video course. Originally this course was started in 2017 and this year 2018 it has been updated, this allows you to know more about something new.

As like how you can achieve $100 to $200 per day in passive income with affiliate marketing and SEO using free or very inexpensive strategies. And you will be able to see this course in full free of 12 days.

When I finish watching the free video course then I was invited to buy the completed video course. Anyway, I already know about SEO and affiliate marketing so I have not purchased the full video course.

As I have experience with this, I will try to tell you about it completely. So let’s know how well that course for you, and it is really gonna help you more?

Affiliate Program UPDATE!! Fri, Jul 5/2019

SEO affiliate domination has an affiliate program where you can make money referral others, who are interested to learn SEO and make money online.

Greg Jeffries Just email me a video with affiliate update.

IMPORTANT SEO Affiliate Domination affiliate program updates email

He said he will remove all the inactive affiliates who are busy & who don’t have any activities in their SEO affiliate domination affiliate account.

So Those who want to open a new Affiliate account? Must now they have to go through a verification process.

Active affiliates will get new tools, resources, and guidelines.

SEO Affiliate Domination Success Stories UPDATE!! Tue, Feb 12/2019

SEO Affiliate Domination Success Stories 2019

People Who are complected this course they share their success story some of them are Adam Windsor, Alexandra Low, Andy Palmer, Calvin Lim, Christian Honer, Francis Kadjo also 30+ people share their Success story.

So click here [SEO Affiliate Domination Success Stories] Watch & learn from their story.


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SEO Affiliate Domination Crash Course Review Summary

Founder: “Greg Jeffries” Six-Figure Affiliate marketer

Product name: SEO Affiliate Domination (Free Join Now)

Product type: 12 days step by step video course

Price: Free + $497 one time investment

Best for: Beginners who want to achieve passive income with SEO and affiliate marketing

My Rating: 5 / 5

Recommended: Yes for beginners!

Summary: SEO affiliate domination crash course is 2 hours of online virtual course which lasts for 12 days. You can easily learn step by step because, they will send you 12 video lessons in the next 12 days in your email, which this means you will receive 1 lesson every 24 hours later. These video training are mainly for beginners who are looking for the right way to make passive income. But Greg Jeffries said the course was designed for all levels. However, if you have some advance experience in online marketing or SEO, you will likely pick things up much faster. In addition, you can learn more advanced strategy through the paid course.

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What SEO Affiliate Domination Crash Course Show You?

The SEO affiliate domination 12-day course shows how you can easily create a website for your own. and SEO strategies have special significance, by following this SEO strategy, you can quickly rank your website on Google, Yahoo & Bing search engine.

Besides, the course has given some important resources, advanced tools, step by step guide which will always be useful to you. You can also apply this same strategy in E-commerce, Affiliate marketing, MLM/network marketing, Launch jacking, Local SEO, Building brand authority, Video marketing, Client SEO etc, all in one solution.

You can learn more advanced thinks by purchasing the entire course. If you become a paid member of the course, you have some special benefits that will help you to take your passive income into the next level. You will also be asked to join their personal facebook group, here you can directly ask them questions.

But what seemed particularly important to me .. Greg Jeffries founder of SEO affiliate domination he said I also share the exact the tools and resources I use and recommend on my own sites. I think this will save you time and remove the confusion”

Greg Jeffries said more “Finally, in the last of the sections, I will share several case studies, to give you some examples of the exact sites and niches that have worked and are making money for me, to help give you ideas and direction, and so you can simply copy my success.”

When you are included in the paid course, they will give you access to everything!

Who is Greg Jeffries?

Greg Jeffries: From Starkville, Mississippi

Currently living: Texas, Austin

Hobbies: hiking, paddle boarding

Greg Jeffries already have 10 years experience in SEO. He is now a good expert because he made six-figure a year with affiliate marketing using just free search engine traffic. Also, he is the dream car winners for the Clickfunnel affiliate program. That’s awesome, right?

Greg Jeffries started her SEO affiliate domination course in June 2017. Paid course price was $997 a one-time payment or 12-month payments of $97 the price was a little higher.

However, the course was updated in may 2018. 12 training has been given free for beginners to learn easily and the advance course price now $497 one time investment or a 2-month payment plan of $297.

So if you follow and buy the paid course then you will able to learn more about SEO strategies & affiliate marketing.

Then you can start fast passive income all work comfort from home.

This will not make you struggle year after year and you will save both time and money.

Who is Perfect For SEO Affiliate Domination Course?

  • Who wants to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Who are really interested to start the passive income
  • Who wants to start a profitable business
  • Want to achieve financial freedom
  • Who hates their job!

I think this course is usually perfect for those who want to reach their goal to achieve financial freedom and live the life they desire. But it is good to know that this is not for those who know the right path and they want to reach their proper destination.

As an example…

If you decided, you will be the investor and you want to start a local business now you’re already doing the study for your own business, it is not for you.


If you already have an online business and want to make a good team to moving forward reach the goals, then this is not for you.

Because you are on the road and you will reach the destination after a while.. If you jump into another way at the right time then you can lose your previous path. All the time and effort will be wasted!

I will directly not gonna tell you don’t do it. Because everyone has the right to know and learn new things, and it’s all up to your own decision. SEO affiliate domination main target audience is at all levels, who are struggling in online marketing and want to create a passive income stream with a right path.

According to my opinion! if you like to write on a topic that you really know well and it’s your favorite? Or you want to teach or share something by making videos on that topic? Then without wasting your time just join the course and start learning.

SEO Affiliate Domination Free Crash Course Details.

Since Greg Jeffries has 10 years of experience and he knows how to make a six-figure a year as an affiliate. That means the free crash course will be very valuable..So without any delay let’s know what you can learn from this free affiliate SEO crash course.

12 Days Lessons Of SEO Affiliate Domination Crash Course
I take some pictures after completing my 12 days SEO affiliate domination crash course

Day 1: How SEO Work & Why?

  • A high-level overview that how SEO really work
  • Google has one goal for there user
  • You don’t have to worry about Google algorithm changes & penalty
  • SEO, not an overnight push button strategy?
  • SEO will stay with you for very $long time
  • You have to build an asset
  • Structure of a website and some basic HTML overview
  • Header, title, body, headline, sub-headline, and content how it’s work?
  • Wikipedia, not a sexy and fun website to read but why google always love it?
  • How to set up a magnetic content that googles really love index quickly to rank your website?
  • Avoid spam and black hat thinks?
  • Just play with rules you will stay for a long time!

More advantages that you will love when you play the first lessons.

Generally, in the First video lessons, you will get an idea about the SEO strategies so that you can move forward by following a right roadmap. This is very important because most people want to start making money without knowing about work, and they failed! So if you know when to take the right steps to move forward, it will be easier for you.

Day 2: Domains & Hosting Explained!

  • Your main tools solution in order to create a website
  • What a domain name is?
  • What hosting is?
  • Why you need to know about .Com .Net .Org .Biz
  • Unlimited cheap domain?
  • Do you have to move your hosting in the future?
  • Why domain & hosting together setup is important?

You will completely learn full details about a domain and hosting, that why domain and hosting is the main key role to creating a good website.

Day 3: Registering Domain Names

  • What to call your website?
  • Recommend tools for finding your domain name
  • Purchasing your own custom domain name
  • How to get 15 -20 % coupon code?
  • The cheap way of purchasing multiple domains in the future?
  • Some practical resource and guidelines

You will be taught practically how to buy a domain for your website. Also, what will be the name of your domain? And how to find the best domain name? & .Com .Net .Org .Biz which is good for you?

Day 4: Setting Up Your Hosting

  • Recommend web hosting solution!
  • Which hosting server will best for you?
  • How to start the Setup?
  • How to connect your domain to your hosting account?
  • Domain + Cloudflare + hosting
  • How this all gonna work together?
  • How to install WordPress in your hosting?

You will learn all the details about web hosting and you will learn how to Setup domain & hosting together, how to install WordPress easily. if you have any problem or confusion? all this solution is shown in it.

Day 5: WordPress Themes

  • Best premium WordPress theme info
  • Paid theme for making your site look more professional
  • You can start with free themes?
  • But important is fast getting some traffic and building some authority in your website
  • How to find valuable free themes for your website?
  • Some marketplace to find the best themes for your website

You will learn how you can install a good theme for your website. Which theme will be SEO friendly and fast google index. Some marketplaces will be shown where you can find & choose a perfect theme for your website.

Day 6: WordPress Plugins

  • A list of important and helpful plugins to install in your website
  • Individual plugin details how its work for you?
  • All general setting a step-by-step guideline
  • Paid and free plugin information that’s gonna help you more

There are thousands of plugins for install but every person installs certain plugins according to their needs. So, there will be a detailed discussion of which plugins will play an important role in your new website. And a list of some of the specified WordPress plugins will be given to you.

Day 7: Introduction To Keywords

  • What keywords are?
  • Focus on target keyword to rank your website!!!
  • What is informational keyword?
  • What is navigational keyword?
  • What is transactional keyword?
  • What is buying keywords?
  • What is the difference between a short tail and long tail keyword?
  • Which keywords you really have to focus on?

To rank, a website choosing the right keywords is very important. But first, you need to know what keywords are and how it works. I will tell you very seriously to watch this 3 lessons day 7,8,9 more than 2 times. These are the most important part of this course.

Day 8: Keyword Planner

  • Google keyword planner tools details
  • How to use it step by step?
  • How to get access in your keyword planner for free?
  • How to use this tools to find your keyword?
  • Get some ideas of keywords
  • How to find related keywords for your content?

Day 9: Keyword Tool

Seo affiliate domination Day9 Lessons Keyword Tool
Important Lesson [4 Minute 41 Second]
  • Another great keyword tool to find long tail keyword
  • How to get hundreds and hundreds of keywords ideas?
  • Some keyword suggestion!
  • Find great keywords using Google autocomplete

Day 10: On Page SEO Factors

Seo affiliate domination Day 10 On Page SEO
Important Lesson [8 Minute 24 Second]
  • Title of article
  • Url of article
  • Making sure the article is relevant to the keyword you are targeting
  • If images are used, use alt tags.
  • Have a few relevant outbound authority links
  • Link to other related pages/posts on the same website

On page SEO, this training basically focuses on how to optimize your website content and articles. How to make it SEO friendly. Optimizing it’s not too difficult just you have to follow this steps very carefully. You will also learn more about why Google, Yahoo, Bing usually likes to rank website based on quality content with the right information.

Day 11: Off Page SEO

Seo affiliate domination Day 11 OFF Page SEO
Important Lesson [12 Minute 44 Second]
  • Backlinks gonna push your website to go rank number 1
  • Why backlinks always gonna boost your website?
  • Why backlinks really work?
  • Why search engine love high-quality backlinks?
  • Always avoid spam backlink!
  • Some backlinks resources
  • High-quality niche related backlinks
  • Fast, affordable and very automated backlink service
  • How to build your own backlinks?

You can easily rank your website with long tail keywords if you properly do on-page SEO. At the same time, you also have to learn OF page SEO. It will help you to boost your website to rank number one position.

So backlinks have been largely given importance in off-page SEO. Because when you can see many posts on your website are in good condition in search engines and you are getting good visitors and your site’s authority position is better now.

This is the best time, you can rank your website with short tail keywords via the help of backlinks.

Day 12: No Video Lessons

You can’t see any lessons on day 12. Because SEO affiliate domination free crush course already ends in day 11. So in day 12 they will congratulation you to take massive action and they will invite you to buy the full course “SEO Affiliate Domination” if you are interested to learn more…In this paid course they will show you exactly how Greg Jeffries make six figures a year doing affiliate marketing and SEO this part lessons will start if you become a paid member.

Seo affiliate domination course Day 12
Paid Members Will Learn Day 12

That’s all I learn 🙂 and I didn’t go next, so I can say more about it.

But if you think this course was good and you want to learn more advanced SEO & affiliate marketing? Then education purpose to move forward you can buy it. It all depends on your own decision.

Pros & Cons

The Good

1. Perfect For Beginners

If you want to start your career with SEO & Affiliate and want to be a professional expert. Then the Greg Jeffries course is perfect for you. Because it’s easy to follow you will get 11 lessons with guideline all totally free.

2. Learning Directly From The Live Expert?

You can get thousands of videos about SEO and affiliate marketing online, but you have to follow that who you believe in and trust. Who already got success after many hard working and struggle. Who already an expert and have the right mind. Because people just like success but do not want to see what is behind it. I hope you understand!.
Greg Jeffries course will help you move forward!

3. How Much Money You Can Make?

It’s dependent on your learning skills. However, this course main goal is people can start earning $100 /$200 a day faster. Inside you will learn several strategies that can help you step by step scale it up much higher.

4. How Long You Need To See Results?

After learning this course if you don’t take action! Why will it work for you? And why you need results? Just take action and start work you will get the answer. Some people get the fast result and they find the key to success here some important review must watch.

5. I Love This Part

When I saw this Greg Jeffries SEO affiliate domination down of the page I feel great. 10% of all profits are donated to charities and organization ❤

seo affiliate domination charities and organization

The Bad

1. No Refunds!

If you buy the paid course, you will not have the opportunity to refund. Greg Jeffries said “I know a lot of people out there offer the refunds and what not. I don’t believe in the refunds because I believe that refunds are for quitters”

2. Live Support Only For Paid Members!

You will not get any live support in the free course. Only paid members will get facebook group support where you will be able to communicate with Greg Jeffries, and all the other members, you can ask any questions you may have.

3. Paid Course Price Is Too High?

I think the price is too high but it depends on your decision!

Is SEO Affiliate Domination Is A Scam?

SEO affiliate domination definitely not a scam because you are getting enough information to learn about the whole SEO & affiliate marketing, which is really great. And you are learning from Greg Jeffries who is the best expert.

My Advice To You!

If you are a complete beginner who really wants to create own passive income but you don’t sure where you can start these free affiliate SEO crash course will well-worth your time. You can discover the major ways for you to build your passive income streams.

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