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Today I will share a simple method!

If you follow and work? You can make $50 per hours yes! It’s true.

Just test the website normally then give your honest opinion and wait for the confirmation

Once your feedback submitted then you are ready to get paid for testing a simple website that. Too cool & easy right?

And in the last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

So what you need to start your testing journey? And how you can simply test a website?

First of all, you need an internet connection and a good microphone & pc or laptop to start work
Just you have to create your free account and all done because now they will guide you what you have to do next
Read their command and follow the simple guideline they show you and you can easily complete the work.

And the advantages are you can do the work from your phone to test the mobile-friendly website.

Let me clear you this thing with a simple example

You have to log in to your account then choose a website you want to test, click the continue button, once you click the continue? Then you will see a new windows popup browser will be open to guide you.

Then you have to record the work you are doing they will give you a recording software to record the work you are doing. The popup new browser will command you step 1: go to the facebook.Com and watch the full page and give your honest opinion!

Which colors do you think? To make facebook better looking and valuable?

So now what you have to do go to Facebook and you have to give your honest opinion like as: I like Facebook blue colors but deep blue colors will be better to look more valuable.

And Facebook ad menu white colors in the sidebar will better and Facebook logo colors deep green will look more valuable, done!

Then submit your record, after review your record they will pay you $10 to $50 per website you test.

So all they need from you is honest opinions and honest feedback so they can improve their site.

Now I am going to share with you 3 website they are going to pay you for website testing work.

Here is the fast website name

Number 1: UserTesting.Com

Now let’s go to user testing official website as you can see they said you can earn up to $60 dollars for test a website and you have to follow 3 simple steps to start work and get paid

Step 1: Create your account and visit a website or an app

Step 2: Complete some simple work and record your video of your work you do and submitted

Step 3: Get paid

Good part is more than 700,000 test already taken by brand company like Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Dropbox, Facebook and more and you will get paid by PayPal in every week and user testing site is 100% real and the best part is they pay per week so no more worry for payment received. In the future, if you need any support?

Then you can call them and ask them for solution 1 (800) 903 – 9493 ||Mon/Fri 8:30 am 9 pm ET

Number 2:

Testing time is UK based site where you can earn up to €50 euro per hour and you can taste product at home via Skype or go on the site.

And you will get paid because your valuable opinion will help them to improve their product and site.

The best part is the experience you will have it’s like a gold bar.

3 step you have to follow to start work and getting paid

Step 1: Create your account and choose which site you want to test

Step 2 Testing time will give you a guideline and show you some steps that will help you to better understand how to work in step by step

Step 3: After the complete test you have to submit your work to them then relax or start another site to test you will get paid within 10 days

The best part is testing time already taste will people from 200,000+ individuals

Also, you can do survey work interview and focus group for usability and if you need more help not to worry testing time will help you.

Number 3:

Just give your honest voice and screen record that what to improve in site and write a short survey all done. You can test as many tests you want to do take it, complete your work, and wait for the payday they will send you the money in every Friday. Try my ui is the best site to make few extra money in every single weekend.

Big company like Amazon.Com, NBC, Bose, British Airways also recommend this site and they also submit they are testing work that people can review their site too.

3 steps you should follow to a start work

Step 1: Create your account and download the recording software install in your PC or mobile phone

Step 2: Pick your site and start work not to worry when you will pick site to test try my ui will give you all the step-by-step guideline

Step 3: Submit your work and wait for a few seconds to complete.

So hope these 3 website testing site will help you to make some extra money per week and if you have any confusion? That how exactly you have to do the work in the right way? Then watch the demo video to learn more hear the video link


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