How To Make AN EXTRA $150 A Day On Youtube: Without Filming Any Videos [PROVEN METHODS]

Hey, what’s going on Sipon Dawyen here with you!

So how you can make $150 without filming a video?

Is it really possible or not?

Yes, it’s possible!! And you can make it if you follow my steps that I show you in this article.

Before get started just want to make sure that after complete reading my article if you don’t apply these methods in your work?

Then you are just wasting your valuable time right from now.

And in the last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

So let’s get it started!

Step 1: Create a free affiliate account in Clickbank.Com

Clickbank is the best affiliate marketplace where you will find almost thousands of digital product to sell in the target audience and earn up to 75% commission from it.

So lets login into Clickbank account and click the “marketplace” tab then in the left side you will see a categories sections Clickbank have 20 + main categories so you can choose any offer you want to promote and make money.

Now click on the “health and fitness” tab now you can see in the right side there are lots of product are ready to promote.

Now click the fast offer “Flat belly fix” and click the red promote button once you click then you will see a popup new windows will open like this..

Now click on the generate hope link and copy the link. so this is the main affiliate link you have to promote to make money.

If anyone buys this product with your link you will get 75% commission from it and you can see all purchased histories in the Clickbank “dashboard” option and in “reporting” option and you will earn for “Flat belly fix” product Product price $37 = 75% commission = $27.75 for every single sale you made.

And to make $150 you have to promote and sell this product 6 times then you will earn 27 x 6 = $162 per day.

Now how to sell it and where you will find unlimited buyers traffic to sell the product to make commissions?

Step 2: Tinyurl.Com

Tiny URL is the best site that helps you long URL to make it tiny. So that you can use a short link to promote more easily. Copy your Clickbank affiliate link and make the link short with tiny URL and save the short link into a notepad.

Step 3: Promote With YouTube Unlimited Traffic

So now you have to add the short link in the YouTube video description. But you don’t have any video yet to promote? Not to worry!

Because you can you used unlimited videos in your YouTube channel but before promoting your affiliate link in YouTube

You have to learn some information about the product So that your YouTube viewers trust you and then click on the affiliate link and follow the instruction.

Copy the affiliate link and paste and go in your browser as you can see flat belly fix is a helpful weight loss guideline and on the main site they have a good introduction video and in the title they say that it will help to lose 84 pounds of overweight in a few weeks and you can learn more information from “Prefer to read” just click then you can read this whole program.

And is give your YouTube viewers some good information that you know about this flat fix product so they can trust and visit your link and if they like this offer? they will definitely buy it and you will earn a commission.

Now you can make your video titled like ex: “how to lose weight 40 pounds in 1 month without exercise” or “How to burn belly fat fast without dieting or exercise”

How to find a profitable keyword? that helps you to rank and help you with your business then you can learn from this video

So let’s go to YouTube and find a copyright free video for re-upload the video with a new title. To find unlimited copyright free video to use? fast click on the filter button then click on creative commons then search with keywords.

Here you can see almost found lots of videos to re-upload on YouTube you can download this video and upload in your YouTube channel without facing any copyright problem.

Because creative commons videos have no copyright issue. Now change the video title and upload into your YouTube channel and now it’s time to add affiliate short link in video description in the first.

 As an example proven weight loss guideline: “your link”


Start your weight loss journey “your link” then write 200 or 300 words article about the product so that they can learn and follow your instruction.

Like this way upload 3 – 4 video every week and share the video on Facebook health and fitness related group or share on forum community so that people learn from it and follow your guideline.

If you know how to rank your video on YouTube then you are the boss to make $150 per day because you have

**Unlimited copyright free video
**Affiliate link to earn commission
**YouTube unlimited traffic to promote

In this way, you can promote other Clickbank product to make more money fast.

So hope my article help you to learn something informative and here are some free tools help you more..

Make YouTube thumbnails = Canva.Com

YouTube tag generator = Rapidtags.Io

Keyword research tools = Keywordtool.Io & Google Keyword Planner

And always remember profitable keyword and SEO is the main factors that always helps you to rank on YouTube and blogs.

And let me know how many videos you will upload in YouTube every week?

Write in the comments below!

I would love to hear from you…. 🙂

If you want to make $100 with zero investment?
Then you can read my case study hope it’s will help you to learn something well..
Take care and have a nice day..


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