How I Made $100 With Zero Investment Doing Affiliate Marketing (Case Study 1)

Hey, Sipon Dawyen with you, so how I made $100 with zero investment?

And what I learned? & where is the main tricks and tips you should know?

Let me explain…

When I first open my YouTube channel online I did not know any ideas or ways, that’s how can I make videos.

Which topic is perfect for me that help to gets better views? And the important part is how can I rank a video on YouTube?

So to find out all of these questions answers! I almost read lot’s of the informative blog from google and watch important recourse video from YouTube.

Also, complete a paid course to learn more about affiliate marketing & SEO. However, most of the course, blogs, youtube videos suggest starting with paid advertising!

But to start working with paid advertising minimum I have to invest $1000 to earn some good profits from online. As a beginner, I am in online marketing came to learn, so why I will invest this big amounts of money? That’s why I did not invest a penny.

After that… a few weeks later I found an online education platform called wealthy affiliate, where already thousands of people start making money with zero investing.

THEN, I complete 10 free video lessons which have already more than 2101k comments and more than 63345k likes.

Do you think a little bit that what kind of video lessons this is? What the advantages they share? Why they get lots of engagement in their video? Why advance and beginners people came here and spend their valuable time in wealthy affiliate?

To learn all of the secret first of all you have to create a free account to learn the gold answer.

So What I Learned?

I just learn how to copy these secrets and paste into my work to find this kind of little success.

MY $100 + Earning Reports
MY $100 + Earning Reports

Also here is my payout reports!

my payout reports!

I just want to say 2 names who help me a lot to find the right destination.

Kyle & Carson



They have the gold mind and have the success formula.

That’s helped thousands of people to start passive income comfort from home.

So Wealthy Affiliate University Is My Number 1 Recommendation?

Yes! if you get support, tools, resources and the success formula then why anyone avoid it? And all of this you will learn for free.

So Here Is The Quick Summary Why You Should Join In Wealthy Affiliate! 

Support: WA gonna help you and give you the best support, if you are advanced or beginners no matter what you will get 100% support.

Price: $0 to start the program! if you learn and make money then you can join the premium program which is cost $49 per months, cheaper then university fee!

You Will Find The Free Training In Here:

You Will Find The Free Training In Here

Join WA FREE Starter Membership

Does It Work?

If I give my personal opinion!! then I will say it will work for you 100%, if you first complete training and give your attention! I say to you as much as it is trustful but look you must need to join and review the program for yourself that it’s really gonna work for you or not.

What Inside The Premium Tools & Training You Should Know?

Wealthy affiliate is a virtual university so here is some education features & benefits..

  • Weekly live event and classes
  • Plug into over 300 hours of expert education
  • Online entrepreneur certification (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training (70 lessons)
  • Incredible catalog of industry training
  • Classrooms, evolving daily (12 classrooms)
  • Earn revenue creating your own training
  • Your own authority wealthy affiliate blog to start a passive income

Also… Site rank, my keyword list, search analytics, affiliate program, niche keywords list, build your free website, site manager, site builder, site domains, site support, this just 1% information I said! YOU will learn more gold info inside the wealthy affiliate program.

The good part is most of them you have free to access to use but if you join the premium program in the future? You have more advanced tools & lessons free to used all in one place…

Join Live Events & Webinars?

It seems to me the most important! Because in the live event you will know secrets and informative case studies that help you to find the right ways to make more money from online. Also, you will know successful people case study that really gonna help you to be motivated.

My Final Rating!

I would like to give wealthy affiliate 10 out of 10 star! because of so many things in one place, easy to learn and step by step courses and the good part is you can learn and apply all work comfort from home. It’s like a virtual university…

What Did I Like The Most Of Wealthy Affiliate?

You will feel very happy and motivated by knowing that in wealthy affiliate almost thousands of people share their success story and work details. Is it really true? Yes, 100% true!

Once I just login my account and saw that one of the members share his payday screenshot that WA has to send $173 USD in his PayPal account.

This is a small commision there are lot’s of free video in WA where real people share their honest money making case studies, like how to get more traffic, how much I earn this month, what you need to improved to earn more money + more.

Everyone just loves to share the case study and they are always helpful.

Make Money With The Wealthy Affiliate?

In wealthy affiliate, you will definitely learn how to start and making money with your own business & promoting others affiliate product as like me.

But if you need more extra income? Then you have the opportunity to promote the WA to earn $100 plus for just (1 premium member) and all income not only for one time because all commission is now monthly requiring, that’s why you will earn the same amount commission per month.

So let’s learn the details of how this money making program work for you.

Step 1: Get the wealthy affiliate link
Step 2: Promote in your blog or youtube videos and give your traffic value & advantages and free guidelines.
Step 3: They will learn how to start passive income online if they make money after complete WA video training? So now they need more money and they will upgrade there WA into premium account and you will earn recurring commission per months.

Here Is Wa Revenue System Pic

Wa Revenue System Pic

And if you achieve 100 premium referral? Then you will earn an invitation to hang out with Kyle and Carson and others on this all paid private conference.

My Personal Opinions 🙂

The main part is just learn something important from wealthy affiliate and apply in your blog, YouTube, or other work you love to do.

As you can see I make $100 with zero investment so if I can do it, you can do the same and once you got a little success that’s it. It will help you to grow bigger.

So watch the training, learn how everything really works, read others people stories, and join in the live events. Always do your homework, because if you learn a good thing and if you don’t practice or apply in your work? So there is no hope!

Take action and learn deeper think and start making money.

Always remember to Learn first then removed (L) so that’s it, for now, don’t hate to share my case study with your friends.

Join WA FREE Starter Membership

I would like to hear from you 🙂 Let me know what you are currently doing in online marketing?

And what is your opinion about wealthy affiliate?

Write in comments below..

It’s will help beginners to improve mistake!


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