Lurn Virtual Summit Review Is It A Scam Or Not (My Personal Experience)

Welcome to my lurn virtual summit review!

Hey, how are you doing? Do you know Anik Singal is a successful entrepreneur?
Who trained over 350,000 students from all over the world also made $150 million dollars in digital sales.

Now he is also the founder of lurn summit 2.0, It’s basically created for the new entrepreneur, as a result now, you can start virtual 2 days live training comfort from your home. If you are interested to learn some advanced think and unique? And if you are interested to start your own online business? Then join lurn summit 1 dollar challenge!

Yes, it’s only 1 dollar and you will learn… How to build an email business, how to become a copyright master, facebook ads, youtube ads, free traffic also more hidden secrets! You can’t find this valuable information on youtube and google. Most powerful and transformation info you will learn in 16 hours.

I personally finished Anik Singal another video training called digital boot-camp in a few days, and now I am giving a review of full details on my blog about lurn summit so that you can know about it more deeply.

This is not the end! You’ll be more happy to know that not only Anik Singal, also 3 more online business experts who are already the millionaire. Those who are respected for their work on the whole world. You can also learn from them totally free.

In fact, many people do not have the opportunity to talk to them while buying a thousand dollars tickets. They are the same people like us, they also live with a family like us, so why do people like them so much?

Because we have lots of problems! and successful people have lots of solution! If you work hard and want to move forward by taking lessons from your mistake? Then one day you can be a successful entrepreneur.

Remember it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. Ok so let’s go and learn more deep information about lurn summit.

Lurn Virtual Summit Review Summary

Founder: Anik Singal Owner Of 150 Million Dollars

Product Name: Lurn Summit 2.0 (Join Now)

Product Type: 2 Days Live Virtual Training

Price: Start With Only $1 / Bump Offer $67 Months / Up Sale $197 / Down Sale $97

Speakers: Anik Singal, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Kevin Strawbridge

Best For: New Entrepreneur Who Wants To Start Passive Income & Change Their Lifestyle.

My Rating: 5 / 5

Recommended: YES!!!!!!

Summary: In the lurn summit you will learn tons of advanced case study and many ways to start passive income. If you are totally new and looking for the exact right path to start your online business? Then lurn will help you more. Every business must need getting traffic, conversion & customers and this is the goldmines because if you control your traffic you can control a lot of money on the internet. What’s more? You can also ask questions if you need a solution to your problem. This will be west of time if you already have a business or if you are more experienced and advanced in online marketing.

Get lurn summit tickets Just $1

What Is Lurn Summit 2.0?

Lurn summit 2.0 is a complete video training, originally created for the new entrepreneur, which will help you to be a successful entrepreneur. In lurn summit 2 days live training. You can participate in live training for 8 hours on the first day and the second day you have the opportunity to participate in another 8 hours of live training. After this 16 hours of training, you will have more experience that will help you move forward in the right direction.

Because the problem of beginners is that they want to make money online without knowing a proper path and a proper map, so they can not reach their right goals and they fail.

So if you have a roadmap for the right place, you can reach the goals more easily and to enjoy this path all kinds of help and cooperation lurn summit will be there.

As a result, you will get all the tools, training & resource. And important is the right person who already knows how to get you to the right destination.

It’s good to know that lurn summit help over 250,000 students to build a successful online business. Where you will learn how to easily make over $120 million in digital sales. All sorts of techniques, roadmap, secrets you can learn about it which will help you to become a successful entrepreneur.

As a first step, you have to join the training to learn how everything really works and how is this virtual training will help you transformational home to entrepreneurs.

Watch this important introduction video to know how everything really works.

Who Is Lurn Summit For?

Lurn summit is perfect for those people:

  • Who wants to start a business online
  • Who wants to be a legendary entrepreneur
  • Who wants to quit their jobs
  • Who wants to achieve financial freedom

Basically, If you want to build an online business yourself for a long time but it requires some advanced suggestions, roadmaps, and guideline then all ready for you.


You are a skilled employee and you want to change your position for a long time! Employee to an entrepreneur and you want to be your own boss.


If you are a beginner who wants to start, lunch and grow a digital business and wants to go next level with a proven way. You also have to be patient, attentive attitude and have the time and effort to take action at the right moments.

When I started seeing the first video of the lurn summit it was a full 8 hours, after seeing the first one hour I think it’s boring to me because more 7 hours left. You have to spend a lot of time here and patiently to see and learn.

But to tell the truth, there are many of us who want to see the video skip after 10-20 minutes of good looks, if you have an attitude that does not want to learn something new, then I would say, you’ve watched several movies in the last 2 months and how much time you given? There are many patients and the time needed to watch the movie, but for a little bit of work, everyone wants to skip.

So I would say if you want to learn something new and wants to improve your skills to build and grow a business? Then you should watch the 2 day’s full 16 hours of video.

Lurn Summit Speakers

Here you can see the most valuable experience experts they will teach you some secret that leads to entrepreneurial success. Anyone would love to learn from them because they already find the success and happiness.

 Lurn Summit 4 Valuable Speakers
Lurn Summit 4 Valuable Speakers

“Anik Singal” Already Owner Of $150 Million

“Robert Kiyosaki” Everyone Loves To Read Her Best “Books Rich Dad Poor Dad” Over And Over Again!

“Kevin Strawbridge” Who See Every Day Million Dollars Transaction.

“Bob Proctor” Storys Will Make You More Strong In Online Marketing.

Lurn Summit Lessons Details?

Day 1 Sessions: 

Basically, how you can set up a to z system for your business according to a right and profitable plan, it will be talked about. And live training will start with the legendary speaker “Bob Proctor” then he will talk about something about how he got success, and he will share some resources and experiences that are very valuable!

1. Affiliate Marketing Overview

Here you can learn how to make a ready-made product that you can sell to your customer. How to choose the right product and what price products will be very easy to choose and profitable, also how you can longtime work with the same product.

2. Online And Offline Business Opportunities

What are your goals? What did you need to have experience on the topic? How can you stay on your business long-time? And the right steps will be shown to keep your business running all the time.

3. Email Marketing Is Your Lifetime Asset?

Why every single email is important? How you can monetize your customer email list? How to schedule email campaign one time that will work for you 24/7 every single day and how you can run your email into the dollar & how to build your email list and add more customer! How broadcast email helps you to get thousands of visitor with just one button of click.

4. The Future Of Business Is Digital Publishing

You will learn how the landing page and sales funnel exactly work. How to complete a profitable sales funnel in a few minutes. Some perfect tools that help you at the right time.

5. The Power Of Coaching Business

Through coaching business, you can easily scale up your business very quickly and fast. You do not have to invest big money in this or do not have to be a famous person. You just have to learn from the right information and share it with the new client so that you can earn by helping them with their business.

Day 2 Sessions:

On 2nd days training will start Robert Kiyosaki who already changed Anik Singal lifestyle. In this training, you will learn about powerful and advanced traffic sources, this will help you turn your traffic into commission and customers

1. (7 Goldmines) Traffic Source For Your Business?

The main goal of every business is to promote their product and to increase the number of customers. If you know how to bring targeted customers to your product, those who will be paying customers in futures. You will get the correct solution for this & you will learn about the 7 best traffic sources.

2. Facebook And YouTube Help You To Drive More Traffic?

Lots of people are investing thousands of dollars per day on facebook and youtube ads for their customers and make sales. You can learn how to make an autopilot system with just copy & paste. Which will help you get traffic in every 24-hour for your business for sales & conversion.

3. Monetize Your Social Media To Get More Money On The Table?

How to turn your social media fans followers into sales. How to convert them into your paying customer to add multiple revenues to the social media platform.

4. How To Convert Others People Fans & Follower To Your New Customers?

How to gain more followers more easily and fast with “Instagram influencers” as a result, you can easily convert & promoting your product to other people customer with help of Instagram influencers. The good part is you don’t need a big follower list to drive more traffic just promote your offer to their followers who have big following list & turn it into your revenue.

5. Tons Of Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

If you ask a business owner or employee what is most needed for your business, they will mainly say new customer’s. For this solution, you need more traffic so in this season you will learn tones of ways to increase more traffic to your website.

6. The Fastest Way To Hit Your Goal

How to drive traffic to your goals? Which affiliate network you should join? How to get your fast sales in 84 hours? Which email, automation will help you for a long time? How to collect your first 1000 email in a few days? How to run ads successfully? A total deeper guideline and solution they will teach you!

7. Entrepreneur Questions & Answers

Ask them any question about your solution they will help you and answer it with your solution.

After complete 2 day is live training you will know how all the things work for you. Then you can start working according to your business plan. Also to make your business start all kinds of resource, tools, support will be shared with you.

Then you will be invited to join lurn insider 21 days free trial offer! There are all types of advanced and secrets training in it. Lurn insider will help all kind of people to become a beginner to successful entrepreneur. Also in this program, you will learn a system that really works with confidence.

The Lurn Summit Funnel Upsell Offers?

Too many formula, resource, real-life stories and learn from millionaire only with $1? What the heck is this? Why Anik Singal give you too much value? Where is the main game plan? Yes! Now you are at the main point. Lurn summit main focus is giving people everything that people can learn how to become a success in online marketing. How to become a successful entrepreneur who loves financial freedom and live the life they desire! And if you start making money then you are on the right track.

So now you are making money and want to learn more about how to grow your business to the next level. More advanced training for future the gameplan, traffic solution, all are waiting for you in the bump offer lurn insider 21 days free trial then $67/per month. And another upsale $197 one time payments. Also, you will get $2,299 of Anik Singal best course for free.

The main point is if you start making more money after learning from lurn summit! You are then welcome into the next program. Already thousands of people find the right path to success and they are now in the next game plan to make some big action!

Pro & Cons

The Good

Good For The New Entrepreneur

The virtual submit lessons are really easy to understand that how to start a profitable business. They focus on the new entrepreneur that they can learn something new & take action! To start making money that’s why it’s too cheap only $1

100% Virtual Training

Lurn all training is virtual you don’t need to go new york to California just sign up for the training and start learning comfort from your home.

Learning From Millionaire

You are learning something special and most valuable thing from the expert who already done lots of hard work and find the ways of success.

Live Supports 24 Hours

No matter what support and a step-by-step guideline is the most important thing. It’s help beginners to understand their problems and finding the solutions. So in lurn you have right to access all live support to get help and go next.

Valuable Resources!

All secrets idea, stores, case study you will learn in the summit it’s the most valuable resource that going to help you also in future and Anik also launch a new book called eScape the 4 stages of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The Bad

Too Long Training

As you know lurn summit is total 16-hour training so you have to watch 8 hours per day. I feel bored and unhappy because it’s not my favorite movie it’s all about learning and do you your homework. Don’t worry they will email you the recorded link that you can watch when you want.

Too Cheap

To cheap also a big problem because lots of people will negligence it. Lurn summit easily can charge $1000 dollars for the entire training. But if you don’t get the benefit? Why will you pay? That’s why learn and find the ways of right roadmap finally with just a penny.

Is Lurn Summit a scam?

The lurn summit 2.0 definitely not a scam! Because you are getting lots of helpful work information, support, guidelines, that help anyone to launch a successful online business. Just you have to spend 16 hours and do your homework to scale up your learning skills. So take a note and make a scheduled time when you have free time to learn something good from lurn. Complete the training step-by-step and you will find the best ways for you to start passive income online.

My Final Thought

If you like to focus on your dream goals and you want to be a future entrepreneur who loves his own work and ideas to help others, people online. Then I will say you should join and check out the training learn their strategy, how they struggle, how they find the best advantage, and just copy the success and paste it in your life to go next level game plan. Thanks!

Get lurn summit tickets Just $1



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