Jarvee Review

It’s back again with STRONG TERMS & MASS AUTOMATION.

Welcome to my Jarvee Review!

I personally used Jarvee software for a whole year in 2015 and I make $50 dollars in the first month by affiliate product promotion through this mass software.

However, Jarvee software was released in July of 2017. So how do I use this software two years ago? How it’s possible? I Know!

Let me explain!

In 2015, I have used many social media management tools and software such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Gramblr but most of the time when I try to monitor the multiple accounts, I face some problem, especially on Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr I could not use them perfectly.

After that, I saw a video of a software called Mass planner in a facebook group, which is now known as Jarvee.

Mass planner software was one of the best social media automation software. In other words, it was all in one solution and it was in very good position in 2015.

Because people get access to used Mass planner software with a very little price. A six-month license cost was only $44 dollar. Yes, it’s true 6 months access only $44 and each week’s everyone has the opportunity to join the live webinar with Mass planner assistant. They shared many advanced case studies, resources about social media marketing and everything was good at that time.

But due to an Instagram update in 2017, “Mass planner” and another automation service called “Instagress” got shut down by Instagram. However, Mass planner users were positive minds they wanted to stay with it.

That’s why it’s come back again with a new name called Jarvee.
Now it has strong privacy and trust.
It’s not for the spammer!

Lots of people are now joining every day in Jarvee.

So let’s know how Jarvee works and why it’s one of the best automation software.

Jarvee logo 11

Jarvee Review Summary

Product Type: Social Media Mass Automation Software

Product Name: Jarvee (Free Join Now)

Price: $19 Month / $49 Month / $69 Month

Packages: Starter = 10 Social Accounts / Professional = 70 Social Accounts / Premium = 150 Social Accounts

Best For: SMM, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Small Business Owners And Who Want To Grow There Multiple Social Media Account.

My Rating: 4 / 5

Recommended: Yes & Must Try It

Summary: if you want to grow your multiple social accounts in a short time? Get more traffic, followers, and fans? Then Jarvee is one of the best service ready for you. Why not? It’s better than (eclincher, sprout social, Hootsuite, Sendible, Aphaready) if you see these services individually you will know that those services are costly. In comparison, you can use Jarvee for a long time at a cheap price! And in future, more new features will be added in Jarvee. As a result, you can use the new platform at the same price!

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What Is Jarvee? And How It Works?

JVE is a social media management software. It will help you multiple social media accounts monitoring at the same time. This software is very much needed if you want to growth social account and with it wants to get more clicks, website traffic, leads. Which will really gonna help you to grow your business.

If you have more than 20 to 50 social media account? You want to share your content every day 5 to 6 time or more? But you don’t have enough time? Then JVE will take care everything that you need to do on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, yes that’s it for now & more features will be added in future.

You can add your social media post content one month in advance event for all social account for a one goals. Just schedule the post, set time, and relax, check your result every once in a while. JVE will definitely save your valuable time.

I personally grow my business Instagram account in a few months. That does not end JVE will work for you 24/7.

Here are the 3 main features of Jarvee :

3 main features of Jarvee
This 3 Main Features Can Boost Your Unlimited Content Any Time You Want!
  • Published On A Limited Number Of Destinations
  • Published On A Large Number Of Destinations
  • Published On A Specific Number Of Destinations

Watch this short video you will know all the things you need to know about Jarvee


Jarvee Updates! [8 August 2019]

Adam Briggs Is the Co-founder & Marketing Director of Jarvee Software.

But I have confusion I think this is the not the real photo of the Jarvee co-founder

I found this photo in Pexels.com photo stock site Click Here To See The PRoof

Adam Briggs Is the Co-founder of Jarvee
Adam Briggs Co-founder of Jarvee

Jarvee using a demo fake Co-founder photo

Jarvee is doing good for social media marketing but they are using fake clint’s testimonials, fake photos in their official website and I have the proof.

When you will visit Jarvee.Com then if you scroll down a little bit you will see 3 testimonials title like that “Our clients love jarvee”

Our clients love jarvee fake photos
These 3 pictures are on many other websites

But when I research this clients photo with advanced google image search then I found the truth that this photo is from different websites. Which this means they are not real clients it’s just a demo name & photo.

Jarvee clients fake demo photo proof

Jarvee Doing SCAM? Or Not?

Jarvee is giving best service to their customers.

Did they forget to change their website testimonials themes photo? I don’t know but they make a mistake hope this mistake will make them perfect.

How To Use Jarvee?

JVE is now only available for windows. If you are a windows user it will work perfectly for you. If you are a Mac user? Then you can use it using windows virtual machine. Because JVE is a mass software so it always works in the online mode.

If you want you can operate Jarvee for 24/7 through VPS.

Here are the quick guidelines:

  • Get JVE 5-day free trial no credit card required
  • Go to JVE main site then click on “Tutorials Button” and watch all video of JVE
  • Scroll down in the last and click “Knowledge Basic” then search “Jarvee installation” then download the software
  • Install in your computer or in VPS

Use it for free for 5 days and if you think it’s perfect? Then you can upgrade your plans.

Remember! if you learn how to use JVE properly then you can grow all social account 10 times faster before.

If you need a VPS? Then go again in “knowledge basic” and search “VPS” and follow the instruction to get one-year free VPS for JVE.

Which Features You Will Like The Most? Jarvee All Features Details?

Jarvee All 8 Features Add New Profile LIVE View
Jarvee All 8 Features Add New Profile LIVE View!

Instagram features you will like the most. If you have minimum 1k + followers in your 2 – 3 Instagram account? Just schedule your advance content for next 7 day, set the time, JVE will post it for you 5 to 10+ time a day and come back after 7 days later then check the results what JVE has done for you.

Also, schedule your stories or go live when your fans are most engaged.

Here is some Instagram features details:

[1] Instagram: 21 advance automation

  • Auto Re-post
  • Auto-comment
  • Delete Posts
  • Auto-follow
  • Follow-back
  • Unfollow
  • Auto-like
  • Hashtag Research
  • Block Followers
  • Find And Extract Targeted Users
  • Manage Comments
  • Delete Comments
  • Like Comments
  • Save Posts
  • Import data from other tools: Transition your IG account easily to JVE without losing any of your old data
  • Contact prospects: You can set up to auto-reply when someone sends you a new message or send a welcome message to your every new follower.
  • Manage your direct messages: Send messages you like or answer or manage your conversations right from your computer.
  • Auto phone-verify your accounts: Don’t worry about verifying IG JVE will do it for you when you needed.
  • Spin syntax: You can customize all of your comments, messages, and posts with spin syntax.
  • Proxy support: Add another new account when you want and the proxy will help you to increased privacy and security.

Just schedule your all goals one time in advance for the next one month and go to sleep JVE will take care of your game plan. After that, you will get only engaged and real Instagram user.

[2] Facebook: 24 advance automation

  • Posts Scheduling When You Want
  • Auto-hashtag Keywords That You Like
  • Find Big Groups And Pages In Your Niche
  • Campaigns Insights And Statistics
  • Join/un-join Groups In Your Niche
  • Ignore Groups
  • Auto-share Posts On Your Groups
  • Schedule Posts From RSS Feeds
  • Auto-invite Friends To Your Groups
  • Auto-invite Friends To Pages/events
  • Auto-accept Friend Requests
  • Auto-comment And Like
  • Auto-reply To New Messages
  • Send Friend Requests
  • Contact Other People In Your Niche
  • Auto-unfriend Tool
  • Auto-change Cover Photo
  • Bump Your Group Posts
  • Spin Syntax
  • Birthday Tool
  • Proxy Support
  • Better Account Management
  • Turn Off Group Notifications
  • Auto-unlock your account: For some reason, if you get blocked from FB? Don’t worry JVE will auto unlock your account.

You can find FB big groups unlimited list in a few minutes, where always have more than 100k + members. Post in a group like this what kind of engagement you can get? You can make your post viral if you caught my point.

[3] Twitter: 15 advance automation

Important Are: Follow And Unfollow Targeted People Every Time You Want / Retweet Favorites Tweets / Bulk Upload Images / Schedule Tweets.

[4] YouTube: 9 advance automation

Important Are: Auto Like Your Targeted Videos From Multiple Accounts Or Single Account / Comment On Video And Growth Your Channel / Like Comments / Full Browser Experience / Auto-watch Videos / Auto Follow.

[5] Google Plus: 12 advance automation

Important Are: Schedule Your Post In Google Plus Page Or Communities Or Profiles / Find Comments / Set Auto Join & Unjoin / Auto Follow & Unfollow / RSS Feeds Import / Url Shortening.

[6] Pinterest: 15 advance automation

Important Are: Follow And Unfollow If They Don’t Follow Back / Auto Repin / Like Pins / Comments On Pin / Ad Video Pins / Auto Comments On Niche Related Pins / Create Boards +more

[7] Linkedin: 24 advance automation

Important Are: Find Targeted LinkedIn Group / Join Groups / Auto Like, Comments / Schedule Post / Invite Friends To Group / Auto Profiles Views / Send Messages To Your Connections Always Keep In Touch / Auto Send Connection Request / Auto Accept Connection Request Who To Send You Request / Birthday Tools / Published Clickable Images + More

[8] Tumblr: 6 advance automation

Important Are: Reblog Good Engaging Content In Your Niche / Search For Tumblr User To Auto Follow & Unfollow Auto Like / Post On Sub-blogs.

Why Jarvee Is The Best And Better Than The Competitors?

If you look at the price and look at the benefits then JVE will be the best choice for you. In one time monthly payment you will get access to 8 different social media platform. But if you follow others competitors, they will give you access only 3 or 4 platforms and charge you more for the extra platform.

Also in JVE you will get the best customer service and new updates. So you will get all in one social media growth software in one place.


There are many social media growth service in the marketplace. But people want to use the best service for themselves and can be used for a long time in the race the role is a bit more. Because you understand that after using a service for a few days, it’s actually perfect for you or not.

Let’s compare Jarvee with pricing.

  • Jarvee Start From USD $19/ Mth
  • Hootsuite Start From USD $19/ Mth
  • Sendible Start From USD $29/ Mth
  • eClincher Start From USD $49/ Mth
  • Your charisma Start From USD $65/ Mth
  • Sprout social Start From USD $99/ Mth
  • Alphaready Start From USD $100/ Mth

I think you understand the difference after that which service you will use? It will depend on your choice.

Why People Are So Addicted To Jarvee?

I also have been addicted to the JVE. Because through this software only using one platform facebook, you can get thousands of engaged traffic.

Listen to me CAREFULLY.

Suppose you are a small business owner so, for your business, you need every month 2000 traffic. So if you bring paid traffic through PPC or Solo ads, then your cost will be minimum at $800 to $1200 dollars for every single month and you must have to invest this amount for traffic.

But how you can get this 2000 traffic for free?

Let me show you a simple game plan

Step 1: You need Jarvee software.

Step 2: You need 3 real facebook account.

Step 3: 1 FB account = join 20 groups = 3 x 20 = 60 groups.

Step 4: You have to join the big facebook groups which group already have 100k plus members.

Step 5: My niche is “Make money online” here is some of my big group examples.

Click here: Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4

Because JVE has advance group finder option! so you can find big groups in a few minutes. But If you try manually? it’s not possible!

Step 6: Make adorable content that people like to read. Don’t do is spam.

Step 7: Post your content in your FB page then shares the page content in 10 FB group weekly.

Step 8: Now you share your content in 10 FB group which groups have already 100k – 200k plus members ok = let say 1 group average member has 100k then 10 group total members = 10 x 100k = 1,000,000 (one million) you will share your 10 posts into one million members now wait for 24 to 48 hour.

Step 9: Ok now 48 hours gone! Now if only 1% people see your post? 1,000,000 x 1 % = 10,000 people only gonna seen but let’s go deeper if only 10,000 people seen your post? 20% of people will like, share, comments = 10,000 x 20 % = you will get natural and real targeted 2000 traffic per week.

Step 10: With only 10 posts in 10 big group you are getting 2000 traffic per weeks for your business and you save almost $800 dollars every month.

“It’s only for FB platform but you have other 7 platform access available if you understand my point. So make a game plan that really works and takes action with all 8 platform”

Make Money With Jarvee Affiliate Panel?

First, you need to know how to properly use JVE software and after using the software, if you think it’s perfect for you. Then you can also promote JVE as an affiliate member. The good part is you don’t have to pay to become an affiliate member you can join for free in all panel & promote them and start making money.

Another good part is JVE has their own affiliate program and you don’t have to pay per month in order to promote them. There are tons of 3rd party affiliate program who charge monthly charges to become an active member.

But the most important thing is that you have trust a good program. Because everyone believes in a good program and longtime they provide the best service to their customers.

How Much Commission You Will Get?

If you start, you will get 50% commission, if someone gets Jarvee for first 6 months and all commission you will get paid by PayPal only. Here is a plan that how much money you can make

Jarvee Affiliate Commission Plan
Jarvee Affiliate Commission Plans

Pros & Cons

The Good

  • As JVE is a mass software so you can easily set up unlimited post content in 1 months advance, and it will work automatically according to your game plan.
  • You can easily find your niche targeted unlimited large groups from FB, google plus if you want more traffic, leads, or click.
  • Set one goals and apply in 8 different platform as an example : Suppose you set up a marketing message in to Jarvee campaign and you want this message to be sent to all Facebook users first and then all Twitter user after that Instagram user etc..It will take care of you and it will send a message to all user in 8 different platform.
  • If you add more than 100 profile there is a chance to suspended from the social network. That’s why JVE has advanced proxy support. Just create your account and add in Jarvee all are ready to work for you.
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing save your money and stay a long time with JVE.

The Bad

  • This software only available in windows OS
  • MacBook user can only use it by installing VPS.

The best will be to use Jarvee via VPS so that your camping will work 24 hours. If you want you can get 1-year free Amazon VPS.

Is Jarvee Is A Scam?

Jarvee is definitely not a scam because you are getting too much service that’s enough for your business and for growth social profile easily. Without wasting money in hiring people. The most important is to communicate with people. So what you need to do for it? Post scheduling, auto follow/unfollow, auto like auto comments, auto direct message, hashtag research, account targeting.

This is just a few of them to communicate with people if you see the full features of Jarvee? Take action and start growing your account with it.

My Final Thoughts

I personally recommend you to start 5-day free trial to learn how Jarvee really works add some social account in it and test the auto schedule post. Learn how to get free VPS for a year. Hope in future Jarvee will help you to get more advantages for your business.

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