Hey, what’s going on Sipon Dawyen here with you…

So in this topic, I am going to share with you a method!

That how you can start making $10 in just 5 minutes doing simple works from home.

If you start this work and stay with it you can get more benefit from this work.

Because it’s so easy to do and really simple just what you have to do is…

Follow my every single step and apply it to your work then you will see the results.

And in the last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

Also I’ll share with you 2 more sites to earn 10 dollars

However, you should know that there is no shortcut way to make money from online like a magic trick!!!

So let’s begin…

If you can provide your work and resources to your clients or customers and give them some value? Then you should know you are going to earn some good amounts of money…

I made some professional YouTube thumbnail for Candy Sendy official YouTube channel it’s a good email marketing and lead generation software.

Here are some of my work details…

Also, I made a high-quality youtube channel art for “Shahin Najafi” he is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of candy Sendy.

So how you can make like this professional and high-quality youtube custom thumbnail in under 5 minutes?

And how you can provide this service to your client?

To start earning some extra money…

I will show you that…

So watch the entire video down below…

You can easily create such a professional YouTube thumbnail with Adobe Photoshop & Photopea very easily. The good part is you can make this same in under 5 to 10 minutes.

And if you practice 2 or 3 times then you will be an expert in it. Then you can make more good looking and more valuable YouTube custom thumbnails and channel art.

So now how do you provide your work to the client?
And how you get clients for your work?

When I first learn professional YouTube thumbnail work I also face this same problem!

Where to get a client who will pay for the work?

How can I sell my service?

Who will pay me for my work?

But at a period of time.

I found the solution and got my client.

But you don’t have to face the same problem as me. Because I will share some resources of the 2 sites where you will get unlimited clients. And you can earn money for a long time doing the same work over and over again.

Number 1: Fiverr.Com

If I show you only 1 real personal income report, then this whole thing will be cleared to you. So let’s go to the official website of Fiverr and search by typing YouTube thumbnail in the search box. With the search, I saw the total 929 results which are this means already lots of people are still working in these gigs.

So let’s analyze the fast person Fiverr gigs that how he is giving people service and how much money he already made. As you can see this person already done 61 orders and 2 orders already he is currently working on.

As you can see his Fiverr gig title that he will create a high-quality thumbnail for $15 and this is the basic plan so if he already has done 61 orders that means he made already 61 x 15 = 900$ only doing this simple and easy thumbnail making work.

In this way there are many gigs on Fiverr They are also making more amount of money doing these easy and simple work. So my recommendation is create a free account in Fiverr and publish your gigs to make the same.

Number 2: Peopleperhour.Com

People per hour is another awesome site where you will get more client and more extra cash. In people per hour, 2019 reports they said freelancers earned total £106,454,830 which this means lots of clients and businesses. Just go to the people per hour and create your account and start your work.

So hope this 2 awesome site will help you to get more client and more client means more money in your hands, but if you want to make more fast money?

And if you don’t want to invest 5 to 10 minute in your work?

Then I have another advantage for you…

Where you will get 100 + YouTube thumbnail packs like this..

Download YouTube Starter Kit

Professional high quality and advanced YouTube amazing templates you can change the title and background image in a few seconds. Also, you can make unlimited thumbnail using these templates this pack will help you to save more time and give you more professional looks in a few seconds.

My Final Thought!

If you want to start earning, then I would like to tell you to first learn how to make thumbnail through adobe Photoshop.

Then create your account in Fiverr & people per hour and published gigs. As a result of working together on 2 sites, you can get clients order faster…

Ok! That’s it, for now, I hope this article will help you to learn something informative and if it helps u?

Then don’t hate to share with your friends.

And let me know which site you want to create your account fast?
Fiverr or people per hour?

Write in the comments below!

I would love to hear from you!!

If you want to make $100 with zero investment?
Then you can read my case study hope it’s will help you to learn something well..
Take care and have a nice day..


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