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So today I will give you some proven work in your brain

If you apply and get approved from the site

You can easily make up to $50 per hour

Also, in the last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

Already real people are making almost $20, $30, $50 or even $60 just for sharing their personal opinion and unique thinking to the company.

You can do this work too! but before get started just want to clean your mind that people love to invest their time to watch movies over and over again,

People love to share their opinions on Facebook or Instagram,
People love to share their time playing games,

But when time to do some work they get lazy or feeling like a sleeping person who is relaxing in bed.

My point is if you want to earn some money then you have to invest time in your work then you understand and do the same work and make money over and over again.

So let’s go to the point.

If I give you an example that how to visit the website and review it to make some extra money.

The company will give you some website and apps to review & test.

Then properly give them the honest opinion you have, and after complete full review, submits the work to site then all done you are ready to get paid.

Which kind of site you have to visit and test? Company have lots of sites to test here are some of the famous sites 99designs, Rakuten, 1password, Four seasons, McKinsey +more

The good part is you will get paid every week.

So here is the 3 awesome site that pays you $10 – $50 for visiting and testing their site.

Number 1: Userfeel

Userfeel will give you some website to test what you have to do is choices a site and give your opinion. So that they can improve their site and add new features.

3 step you have to follow to start making 50 with Userfeel

Step 1: In the userfeel official site you will see a demo video just watch it and create your account.

Step 2: Userfeel will give you software to record the live work that you are doing and after complete the screen record of your work you have to submit the video. Then they will review your work after few second complete you are ready to get paid.

Step 3: You can test site in desktop, mobile, and tablet and get paid every week.

Some of the company like 99designs already recommend this site and say Userfeel is a great site that helps to get quick and helpful feedback to improve the site and their support is great.

Number 2: Userbrain

Userbrain is another awesome site to start making $10 – $50 dollars from home doing 5 to 10-minute work.

3 steps you have to follow to start making money with Userbrain

Step 1: Sign up your account and download their chromium or ios app to start your testing work.

Step 2: You have to speak your personal opinion when you are doing the website testing work for 10-15 minute.

The good part is they will give you a guideline so that you feel comfortable and easily can continue your work not to worry.

Step 3: After complete your work you have to upload your work to finish the test and after getting approved you are ready to get paid.

Userbrain pay you by PayPal in every week.

If you still have a question? that how to work? then go to the official website and Userbrain then you will see a 13-minute video that will show you every single step and work you need to learn.

You can do your testing work from PC, iPhone, and iPod also chromium extension or ios app, but the bad part is you cannot work in android.

Number 3: TestingTime

Testing time is another company pay you weekly for testing and reviewing site, apps etc.

The good part of the testing time when you will choose your site for a test,

Testing time will automatically guide you to complete a few steps so that beginners can test website much more easily.

You can earn up to $50 euro per hour and you can test their product at home with your Skype also many more options available.

So 3 steps you have to follow to start work with testing time

Step 1: Create your account in testing time and complete your profile

Step 2: You will get a new product, website, apps to test and earn money and before you start your work must record your pc or laptop screen because they need your honest opinion to improve their site.

Your feedback is most important and company really need to update their site based on tester opinion.

Step 3: After complete work you have to submit your recorded work to them once they review your work all done! You are ready to get paid.

My Final Thoughts!

First, you should go to the official website because you will see lots of step by step video that will help you to learn more about this site.

That how exactly you have to do work there are lots of testers who already shared their working details that how they are doing and making money with this site.

If you are interested to make money testing website then this 3 awesome site is perfect for you.

So hope my article helps you to learn something informative.

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