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I just wake up 6 am in the morning and after complete some photo editing work,

I was thinking to share with you a proven method that real people are almost making $200 to $90

Also, some of the people are making $20 for just one simple logo.

So in this topic, I will share with you how you can create a professional logo

In under 9 minutes and 9 clicks so stay with me.

AND, you will learn how you can get an unlimited client for your logo to sell and make up to $90 for simple 9 minutes time you invest in the professional logo design.

Also, in the last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

The good part is you don’t have to invest thousands of dollar for software or learning from a course that how to design a professional logo for a company, website, social media, software, local business or brand logo because you are going to learn all in one solution with one amazing site called DesignEvo.

It’s a drag and drops web-based online logo making site.

It already has millions of icon and 100 + font, these free logo makers help you to create a custom logo in a few minutes based on your unique thoughts, ideas, and creativity.

When it comes to logo design lots of people get afraid to design a perfect logo because they don’t know where to start or how to do it.

But not this same problem anymore for you! Because DesignEvo is easy to follow and 100% beginner friendly.

And when you create a free account in DesignEvo you have 35000 + customized logo full access to use to make a professional logo for your client and get paid $90 for your work.

If you are not satisfied then here are some advantage for you.

  • Preset graphics, line, shape + banners include
  • Advance colors effects, 3D effects, and also unique typographic artwork
  • Customize background colors as you want to
  • Manage layers, resize, undo/redo
  • Duplicate design in one click
  • Save your unique logo, jpg, png or transparent png

So How To Create A Logo With DesignEvo IN Few CLicks?

To create a high quality and professional logo you have to follow 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Create your free account

Step 2: Choose your categories in the DesignEvo logo maker option, you will see some categories like animals & pets, art & entertainment, business & finance, food & drink and many more options available. So if you get an order from your client and your client need a logo for their restaurant then just go to the DesignEvo and click the food and drink categories to start designing your logo.

Step 3: Change text, background or shape, step 3 is the most important. Always you have to focus on the best text and icon because this 2 think is the most valuable for your client.

So in DesignEvo there is a lot of amazing and quality-full classic text, art text available what you have to do is fast add your perfect icon and change the text 2 – 3 time then you will see the different and perfect match for your logo that’s it all done. And if you want to change the background color or shape? You can change it in a few clicks.

Step 4: Preview and save your logo preview is the best options I like the most because after adding all text, icon, background if you cannot see how was your design?

Then there is no good feeling. But you have all access to preview your logo in one place in a t-shirt, business card, office work applications, a website you can see the live preview and you can review it.

So if any problem you have to solve? You can edit it instantly then save your logo.

Step 5: Download jpg or transparent png

In the free plan of DesignEvo you can download only 500px resolution and edit + re-download option is limited.

So my recommendation is after successfully complete your client fast order must upgrade your DesignEvo account in to basic plan only $24 you have to invest one time, and you have to access all advanced features for life then you can download more high quality up to 5000 px logo here is the details video help you more…

Now you have all in one solution to make a professional and high-quality logo in a few minutes.

So now how you can give the best service to your client to make money fast over and over again doing the same work?

For the unlimited client here are 2 awesome sites that help you.

Number 1: Fiverr.com

Fiverr is an amazing marketplace where you can sell your best service at any price you want. just you have to give some value and the solution that the client really needs.

So let’s go to the Fiverr official site and search with this keyword “logo design” as you can see there are lots of gigs in this options which this means lots of clients in there who are ready to pay for your service, so lets analyze this gigs that how this person making money…

As you can see he said he will create a hand draw logo design in 24 hours and already 74 orders he completed and 4 orders he is correctly working and he is giving his basic logo design service for $90 and he also has a standard and premium service to provide to make more money with logo design.

So you can make a more easy logo using DesignEvo and sell them into Fiverr like this person. If he already has done 74 orders which this means 74 x 90 = $6,660 doing the simple and easy logo design work.

Number 2: Freelancer.com

No matter what if you create your free account in freelancer and create a valuable profile in freelancer you will get your first client in a few days.

The best part is already 14 million + jobs, already complected. 30 million + companies, designers, writers all access you have in freelancer.

Which this means you have an unlimited client, just now give some value and provide the best service you have!! and make money.

So hope this 2 the site will help you to start making some good amounts of money.

My Final Thought!

First of all, learn how to design a high-quality logo using DesignEvo then create your account in Fiverr and Freelancer both of them because this site are 2 different marketplaces but they already have many clients, so if you have 2 profile in this two sites?

There is a lot of hope that you will get your first order from the client. Get the order and complete work then you are ready to get paid.

So hope my article help you to learn something informative and let me know which site you will create your fast account?

And do you like DesignEvo?

Write in comments below!

I would love to hear from you!!

If you want to make $100 with zero investment?
Then you can read my case study hope it’s will help you to learn something well..
Take care and have a nice day..


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