CB Automator Is A SCAM? True Facts You Don’t Know Yet! [Honest Review]

CB Automator Is A SCAM? True Facts You Don't Know Yet! [Honest Review]

Hi Welcome! So CB Automator Is A SCAM? Let me help you to learn the truth!

CB Automator affiliate site builder WordPress plugin is not perfect for you!

I am going to show you true fact why you should avoid this plugin

And in the last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

Also, show you step by step all the evidence so that you learn the truth

And after reading my full article you will get the idea of how “Ankur Shukla” is making thousands of dollar promoting the same thing in new new multiple ways.

Now the main question is CB Automator will really gonna help you? To launch a new website in 60 seconds? And get paid over $12,000 per month affiliate commission without writing any content or any kind of manual work?

Because Ankur Shukla already says this pickup line in the CB Automator official website.

He is promoting his CB Automator WordPress plugin in Warrior Plus & Jvzoo affiliate marketplace to make money from beginners.

My honest opinion is CB automatic plaguing will not help you to get organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

And you cannot generate automatically commission from Clickbank help of this plugin.

Cb Automator Scam

CB Automator Review Quick Summary:

Product Name: CB Automator

Site: http://cbautomator.com/

Owner: Ankur Shukla

Category: WordPress Plugin

Bonus: YES

Price: $27

Best For: Social Media Marketing

Refund: YES! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Rating: 1 / 5

Recommended: No

Scam Or Legitimate? : Legitimate

Summary: CB Automator is a WordPress plugin that will help you to create an affiliate website with 30 pre-loaded content. You can publish the pre-loaded content anytime you want so that you can easily build an affiliate website help of this plugin. You don’t need any kind of technical skills, no learning curve or you don’t have to invest thousands of dollar in web development course just install the plugin and add the license then it will help you automatically import articles into your site. You will get automatically added images, graphics, videos, affiliate links banners, call to action & auto social media share so that you can promote Clickbank offer easily. Also, you can add any kind of ads, HTML code, banner ads to promote your other affiliate offers.

Note: But you should know that you will never get organic traffic into your website and you can’t rank in google with automatic pre-loaded content. [I know The Truth]

Do You Still Not Believe My Words?

Then here are my true facts will help you to better understand

Ankur Shukla already have multiple websites to promote this plugin with different new names here more website: wp affiliate machine, wp auto content, 1 click affiliate site

If you visit this others website you will see the truth that Ankur Shukla is promoting the same plugin with the same video presentation, money imagination, and same scripts. All are the same pick-up lines that how he launched an affiliate website in 60 seconds, published 2-3 article per week, getting organic traffic from Google and other search engine and making thousands of dollar affiliate commission.

Now let me clean your mind if he is really making money with this affiliate website, plugins and getting organic traffic?

Then why he need to promoting this money-making plugin and why he is selling the same thing in different affiliate market place?

Because he made a good service that helps beginners to start affiliate marketing with a website that only takes 60 seconds to build with CB Automator

And share some money proof that he is making money with his website & getting organic free search engine traffic but this is totally fake.

Here is the site link share in video presentation https://cbautomator.Com/demo/

And when I visited his website and did research on 2 – 3 blog posts like


The funny thing is these pages are not indexed in google

Here is the proof google said no result found for this link

Now let me ask you…

How you will get google or other search engine traffic automatically if your post is not indexed in google?

Funny right?

Now I know you have another question how he shared the money proof in a video presentation that he is generating an affiliate commission from Clickbank?

As you know Ankur Shukla already has multiple websites and multiple products in different affiliate marketplace.

When he promotes the product

Lot’s of beginners buy it then Ankur Shukla shares the money proof of the payment to promote another same product again with a new name.

Who is Ankur Shukla?

Ankur Shukla is a well-known affiliate marketer & CEO at kudos interactive product creator, software vendor, digital marketer currently living Dubai.

Ankur Shukla already has many WordPress plugin with advanced features that help people to save their time and make money following his proven WordPress plugin strategy. Almost making thousands of dollar promoting single product & his new ideas in affiliate market place like Warrior Plus & Jvzoo

He is a real person and doing legal affiliate marketing and making a good amount of money. But you should know that people something do mistake that helps them to make more perfect.

Like this way, CB Automator, 1-click affiliate site, wp affiliate machine, wp auto content are the same WordPress Plugin with new new names.

But the problem is inside he shares a presentation video with evidence that how these plugins help him to make money and he said he is getting organic traffic from google but this is totally false.

Without indexed his website and blog post on Google? How he gets organic traffic and make an affiliate commission?

What You Will Get Inside With CB Automator?

  • Over 30+ Clickbank product review articles add in your site with just one click [ I Thinks robot generate articles ]
  • You can easily create multiple affiliate website in 60 seconds using CB Automator plugin unlimited sites license [True]
  • Preloaded content ready for you instantly input into your website
  • CB Automator plugin will help you automated build an affiliate website with few clicks
  • Automatically import and publish product reviews article
  • Automatically share articles on social media
  • Add product banners, HTML code, and a call to action
  • You will get a fully mobile-friendly ready website
  • Get automatic plugin updates instantly & automatic new content updated daily
  • Fully SEO ready rank sites fast in google [False robot generate articles not good for SEO]
  • Build a high converting banner system that will help you to show your other affiliate offers ads in your article content
  • Special high converting boxes to getting clicked from affiliate articles this boxes are ready to grab attention and get your sales
  • A simple easy to used admin plan so that you can edit, re-edit or make some changes in your site any time you want you to have all the control in your hand

Who Is Perfect For CB Automator?

This easy to use WordPress plugin is perfect for social media marketer & who wants a ready website to promote affiliate offers.

If you have a big email list and you want to promote your Clickbank affiliate product? Doing email marketing? Then you can send email to your targeted traffic and add the website link in a call to action, to convert email traffic into commission.

If you have a facebook page with lots of likes and followers? Then you can also promote your website in facebook page easily, because when you will share your site link in facebook page post your audience will visit your site and read the review article, if they think the product is good for them then they will take action and you will earn affiliate commission.

Also, you can share the website in a Pinterest board, in your YouTube review videos etc.

Who Is Not Perfect For Cb Automator?

If you love blogging and if you are already making money with your blog. Your blog is getting lots of organic traffic from google & bing search engine and now for more auto content and for the article you want to use this CB Automator? Then this plugin is not perfect for you with confidence.

Because you still don’t know you will get unique content or not and google don’t like re-write & plagiarism article.

Ans why CB Automator giving unlimited licence to use this same plugin for the unlimited site? This means they are providing the 30 ready to use auto content article this all content is [robot generate unique content] that google doesn’t like.

Ankur Shukla said these articles are unique and SEO friendly but if you ask an SEO expert that this plugin will help a website to rank fast on google? Definitely, they will say No!

CB Automator Is A SCAM?

CB Automator is not A SCAM but it will not help you to rank on Google & In SEO.

just you can create a Clickbank affiliate website with it and you can do social media marketing to promote your offers.

My Final Thought!

If you already buy this WordPress plugin for SEO or for unique content? So that you can rank on google? Get organic traffic? Then this is not going to happen!

So I will recommend you to refund as soon as possible!

But if you are interested to use this WordPress plugin to create an affiliate website and then you want to promote the website on social media or paid advertising? then you can use this CB Automator plugin.

Share your CB Automator experience!

Write in the comments below!

I would love to hear from you!!

If you want to make $100 with zero investment?
Then you can read my case study hope it’s will help you to learn something well..
Take care and have a nice day..


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