10 Website You Can Make $50 Per Day From Online (No Special Skills)

Hey, what’s going on Sipon Dawyen here with you so in this article,

I am going to show you 10 website you can make $50 per day from online.

“No skills & experience needed”

I am on vacation now at “Jatrabari” in my uncle house, so think about to write a better topic to post in my blog.

After watching lots of video on youtube and reading an informative article I found a good resource,

That helps you start making $50 from today if you apply & follow the methods.

And in the last, I will show you, my personal case studies that I follow and apply and make $50 without any investing.

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Number (1) Microworkers.com

Number (1) Microworkers.com

In this website, you can play microgames to make your fast $5 its take only a few minutes, not real games. Almost thousands of people just post their gigs in here so that who wants to work and get paid after complete the gigs offer shortly.

So what kind of job and gigs in here? You will get instruction of a text like as go to the link watch the full video and give a like and share it on facebook. Payout 0.80 to $1 for per jobs complete.

Or create 5 Gmail account and submit $0.80 to $1 per jobs

Or join this 2 facebook group and share our website link 0.50 to $2 per jobs

Or write a review article 300 words make $3 to $5 per jobs

Also lots of easy and simple jobs available as like yahoo answers, twitter, forums, downloads – installs, comments on a blog + more

You can earn $50 dollar easily doing few hours of work and get paid when you have minimum $19 dollars balance in your account.

Withdraw options

Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer + more available

Number (2) iWriter.com

Number (2) iWriter.com

Basically, you can join into iwriter, just write a great content of an article and get paid for writing.

In free membership account you can make $8 dollars for 1000 words article and after making some money if you update your iwriter account into “Elite plus” you can make $72 for per 1000 words articles. Awesome right?

The best part is iwriter also have others program like article re-write, blog post, press releases, ebook writing program so you can do more simple work to start & make some good money doing work on iwriter and get paid by PayPal + more payment options available.

Number (3) Fiverr.com

Number (3) Fiverr.com

Lots of people just think that Fiverr is only for 5 dollars gigs, but you should know this now you can also publish yours gigs up to $100 plus dollars. If you don’t love to publish your gigs or give people your service that you know, not to worry.

Because Fiverr has now affiliate program, so now you can earn money just sharing your affiliate link and get a commission.

As an example, your company or client need a website for the business so they need a WordPress developer. So what you have to do now? Just go to Fiverr search for 2 – 3 high rating WordPress developers profile link and suggest your client.

If they order the gigs through your affiliate link you will get commission doing nothing.

Because you just share your affiliate link from Fiverr so your client will give the work in Fiverr workers and the Fiverr worker will complete the work for them.

Also, Fiverr has now dynamic CPA options so you can earn up to $150 dollars per orders.

Withdrawing options

Payoneer, PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card, Transfer money to a bank account.

Number (4) InboxDollars.com

Number (4) InboxDollars.com

Inboxdollars is a survey-based website where you can earn just simply watching videos, taking online surveys, playing games online and much more simple work to start making a good amount of money.

The good part is when you sign up in inboxdollars you will earn $5 doing nothing, also if you work in “Easy cash offers” where you have to complete a simple credit card required survey if you do and complete the survey you can earn $50 to $100 for per survey.

But if you need more easy work then starts “Search the web” work where you can earn $5 to $10 for searching in google, yahoo, bing search engine. When you have $30 in your account then you are ready to get paid from inboxdollars.

Withdrawing options

PayPal, Prepaid Visa Card, Check, ePayments

Number (5) Amazon Affiliate Program

Number (5) Amazon Affiliate Program

You can earn up to 10% commission just recommend the best product or make a review video and upload in youtube all done.

As an example one of your friends needed TV, now just recommend him the good quality TV and give him some positive review like price, advantages, coupons, if he buys you earn a commission.

Almost now up to millions of people buy a different product from Amazon and the good part is they need some good review and recommendation that help them to learn more about the product, and if they get some advantages they will buy it through your affiliate link.

Remember if you want to buy an iPhone what you need to know more? Design, features, performance, battery and pro and cons that’s it.

So make a review video upload in youtube and share with your friends.

Withdrawing options Payoneer + more

Number (6) AppTrailers

Number (6) AppTrailers

AppTrailers is the best mobile friendly money making apps that available in google play store & apply store simple just watch video trailers, upcoming new high-quality streams video, celebrity gossip, DIY video and start making money.

These apps are free to use apps size 13 MB install 1milion + you can get paid by PayPal cash also in Amazon gift card and many more.

Number (7) Jarvee.com

Number (7) Jarvee.com

Jarvee is a social automation software which helps you to grow facebook, twitter, google plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and youtube you can easily schedule your post or content in an advance 7 days ago.

The good part is Jarvee is a mass software which helps you to grow multiple social accounts in one place. You can manage more than 100 social media account easily, so what you have to do make money from it?

Step 1: Create a free affiliate account in Jarvee

Step 2: Get your affiliate link and promote in your blog or youtube,

Because in social media marketing all most every people need this software badly.

The best part is if you get 1 sale you can earn $59 for starter plan and get paid via PayPal.

Number (8) Udemy.com

Number (8) Udemy.com

Udemy is an online education platform from where you can learn and share your ideas to start making money, already 24 million people learning from Udemy and 80,000 plus online course will help you to learn all the work you want to do.

As like web development, mobile apps, software testing, programming language, database + more courses have in Udemy.

Just create a free Udemy affiliate account and find the best course and share with your friend who wants to make money or wants to learn more informative information. In this way, you can make money to sharing others people courses.

But if you want to earn big money then make 5 to 10 video tutorial and upload in Udemy and starts making money.

If you know how to teach people where you are good at, then Udemy will help you to start a friendly way to generate more commissions.

Withdrawing options Payoneer, PayPal.

Number (9) Affiliate Marketing

Number (9) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best and fastest way to make money formula. If you want to do affiliate marketing to start passive income? Then first you have to focus on this 3 steps

Step 1: Chose right offers

Step2: Create sales funnels

Step 3: Send traffic

So How This 3 Steps Really Work?

First, you need to open an account at the affiliate company or affiliate site and then you have to choose the right product. My recommendation is to create your account in Clickbank.Com, Jvzoo.Com, MarketHealth.Com.

Your right product may be a weight loss e-book like “21-day belly fat burning challenge”

So now you can share tips, trick and give people info about this product and make money and you can make and upload a video on youtube or write an article for your blog to promote your affiliate product.

Also, you can promote your product in paid traffic sources like FB PPC, YouTube ads etc.

Number (10) How I Made $50 Doing Affiliate Marketing

Number (10) How I Made $50 Doing Affiliate Marketing

I personally know SEO strategy and I get my $50 sale from YouTube. So what I did & to found affiliate commission?

First of all, I created free affiliate account cpafull.Com inside Cpafull affiliate network you will find lots of health-related product, so I choose a health offer which has 50% payout commission so if anyone gets a trial offers through my link?

I will get $50 for per trials sign up.

What Is My Office Name Or Product Name?

I get my $50 sale from YouTube

CLA diet lose weight even faster. Then I make a review video with this software called Camtasia studio 8 after that I upload the video in my YouTube channels here is my video. Link”

In the first months I got 200 views only from youtube but guess what all view are targeted and I got 1 sale in first months and earn $50 fully free, no investing at all. So if you want to make the same? First of all, you can learn from MY Case Studies

So hope this article is informative and helpful.

Let me know what you are currently doing in online marketing?

And what is your first paycheck?

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