10 Highest Rated Apps That Pay You $10 Direct PayPal

Hey, how are you doing? Sipon Dawyen here with you!!

So I will share 10 highest rated apps that pay you $10 direct PayPal yes true,

Not $10 only if you work and used this app and spend more time you can easily make 20 – 30 $ per day playing games, watching new movie trailers, doing the survey, search in the web, referral friends, install apps

And more simple & easy work available to start making money..

And you will laugh after know that even 12 years old kids can make money doing these.

The important things you should know why I share this informative method!! You will shock!

A few days ago I watch news that every day almost 68% of people spent to 2 – 4 hours just watching video online and playing games.

What the heck?

So if these sometimes you invest in money making apps?

You can make money too. And in this last, I will share my personal case study how I made $100 with zero investment

Let’s go to the point.

Number 1: CashPirate

Number 1 CashPirate

1000 points = $1 dollar

So how to make free money with it?

6 Easy Way You Can Make Up To 10 With Cash Pirate.

Playing free games: you will earn thousands of point just play different games.

Watching the video: simply watch actions games video & apps intro video and earn unlimited free coins.

Free products trial: as an example just free trials headphones and try it then write your opinions.

Completing the survey: simply just answer 2 – 3 easy question and complete the survey.

Download free apps: every day there are thousands of apps launching in play store and apple store so cash pirate will give you goods points if you download – install and try free apps for 30 seconds.

Earn 10% with their referral system: when you will install cash pirate apps in your phone you will earn 500 points doing nothing and you will earn more points just invite your friends.

New updates cash pirate now added mobile recharge options more than 120 countries now can recharge there balance. Also, you can get paid by PayPal and gift card

Rating 4.5

App size 1.3 MB

Already have 1 million plus user

Currently version 3.2

Number 2: InboxDollars

Just install their app and sign up to your account and you will earn $5 doing nothing.

Inbox dollars has been paid over 30 million in cash science 2006.

So 6 Way You Can Earn Money Thought Inbox Dollars.

Download apps: like free games, makeup book, candy crush games etc.

Reading emails: just read the simple review emails

Search the web: simply search in google, bing, yahoo and make money.

Taking surveys: you can earn up to $1 to $100 per survey as an example answer these 4 simple questions and submit your zip code and email all done get $4 per survey

Purchasing coupon this way you can earn money quickly but you have to invest little money to start this work.

As an example buy this coupon and earn $100 per offers completely.

So to buy the coupons you will get 25 to 30% discount so you have to pay like 70 USD and after completion, you will earn $100.
So if you count that you will earn $100 and you have to invest $70 then 100 – 70 = $30 profit in doing this work.

Watching the video: simply watch teach video, food recipe video, or entertainment video and earn money.

What’s new in inbox dollars?
Inbox dollars just add TV features to earn easy money watching tv and show online.

Rating 4.3

83,321 + review and comments

Over 1 million + installs

Size 21 MB

Get paid via PayPal, inbox dollars e payment, cheek. When your balance $30 you will get paid.

Number 3: FeaturePoints

Number 3 FeaturePoints

In 2012 features points paid their members over $5.3 millions of dollars in cash.

4 Ways You Can Make Cash With Features Points

Complete surveys: chose an easy survey to give your personal opinion you want to say and answer a few questions for a minute and earn points.

Earn every were: also you can start earning from your PC or laptop also in play store apps or ios.

Download apps: simple download games and install then you will earn 300 points only if you download 2 apps you can earn $1 for this.
Because if you earn 600 points you will earn $1 in a minute.

Earn cash back: everyday people buy lots of things for daily life so if you buy them with features points.
You will get a discount + point for per purchase. Online shopping including best buy, Sephora, Walmart + 100+ more.

Get paid by PayPal, bitcoins, amazons gift card

Rating 3.9

122,881 review and comments

Size 4.4 MB

Already 5 million + install

Currently version 8.8

Number 4: Swagbucks

Number 4 Swagbucks

Swagbucks already have more than 15 million active members the good part is this app is really amazing to start making good amounts of money with your phone. Also, you should know that Swagbucks already paid $550 million in free gift cards you can get paid easily $5 – $25 by PayPal gift card, Walmart, also Starbucks gift card.

5 Ways You Can Make Money With Swagbucks App

Answering survey: simply you can earn almost 1$ to $5 for 2-3 minutes survey as an example which soda you prefer coca-cola or Pepsi?
Answer it and earn for per survey complete.

Searching the web: simply every one search in yahoo to learn something or to find something.
So you can get paid in Swagbucks searching on yahoo.

Watch fun videos: in Swagbucks apps, you will see Avengers age of throne 1-minute trailer videos, so simply complete watching and make more extra cash watching a fun video.

Shopping top e-commerce sites: if you shop something from e-commerce site you will get discounts, coupons + cashback gift.

Reference friend: email your friend or who wants to make money from it.
And if your friends join in Swagbucks through your referral link he or she makes money? You will earn 10% for life.

What’s new? Swagbucks already add exchange fetchers you can exchange $20 subway card for credits or pro plans thanksgiving gifts & more options available to earn money.

Swagbucks have 3.9 rating

Also 33,595 total review + comments and already have 1 million + installs

Size 18 MB

Current version 4.0.2

Number 5: Slidejoy-Look Screen Cash

Just check the daily trending news and unlock lock screen or unlock your phone you will see some ads, news feed ads etc. For this ads view you will earn money doing like nothing.

Get paid via PayPal, visa prepaid card, amazon gift card, google play gift card, Starbucks and more.

Slidejoy drain your battery?

It’s not needed at any extra battery for look screen or ads show. So not to worry and it doesn’t take your extra battery charge.

Slidejoy have already 4.3 rating and 94,918 total comments + review

Size 15 MB and 1 million + installs

Currently version 2.6.9

Number 6: Ibotta: Cash Back

Number 6 Ibotta cash back

Just download the apps and get $10 members bonus. Ibotta is the best apps that help you to cash back every single shopping or purchasing you done, and the good part is you don’t have to wait for coupons, discounts, or any kind of promo codes. Ibotta will take care of all of this when you like to shop from Walmart, target, uber, hotels tonight, eBay + many more options available for you.

How Ibotta Work?

Just simply find the cash back rebates from the app before you go shopping

You can buy from everywhere online/offline your favorite store, restaurant and get shopping rebates everywhere

Get your savings cashback by PayPal or variety of gift card

Simply just shop – save – cashback

Ibotta already have 4.5 rating also 343,447 total review + comments

Over 10 millions + installs

53 MB size and current version 5.34.0

Number 7: Ebates Cash Back, Coupons & Shopping Rewards

Just get the app in your phone and you will obtain welcome bonus get black Friday deals at 2500 + is stored awesome right buy a shop anytime you want and get up to 40% cash back just one tap. Also, find the lowest priced when you want to get cash by check or PayPal. Ebates mostly used in black Friday.

Here some of the reasons you will love it.

Refer friends & earn $25

Travel & vacation

In-store cash back

Gift card & cash back

Stores & brands

Cashback + coupons

What’s new?

Now you can earn cash back in every rider have an opportunity to get $20 cash back when they sign up for left & take find right purchase.

Ebates scans now available + holiday deals are active to get cash back.

Ebates has 4.5 rating 39,210 comments + review

Over 1 millions+ installs

Size 32 MB

Currently version 4.38.0

Number 8: Gift Wallet – Free Reward Card

The best & simple and easy way to earn gift with this app get rewards and papal cash.

4 Ways You Can Earn Points + Cash From Gift Wallet

Tap to earn points: gift wallet have a spin option to earn unlimited points, in lucky spin, there is a button to earn $1 instantly. Also, 1,000 points = $1 and the good part are simply invited your friends and earn 30% referral income.

Complete offers to earn more points: simply answer 2 – 3 question answer and earn free coins, install free apps and earn unlimited coins, play games for few minutes, also in gift wallet there is money offer + quick earn from cash from a survey, chests, the task also has daily free bonus.

Instant notification: you will get instant notification of the earning points, offer cash and new gifts just click on the top button to see new gift already added in your account.

Click on your rewards to get paid: simply turn your free points into PayPal cash or get a gift card you want.

Currently, support

$5, $10, $25, $50 PayPal cashout

$3, $5, $10 Amazon gift card

$10, $25, $50 google play gift card

$10, $25, $50 I tune gift card + more options available

Gift wallet already have a 4.6 rating

Also 150,282 total review + comments

More than 5 millions + install

Size 14 MB

Currently version 1.7.28

Number 9: StepBet – Move More Earn More

Just move every day and make somebody fit this app is ready motivation for all of us.

Whey is gonna help you to be healthy and also you will make money to walk, climb stairs, dance or run you will make money.

So how this is StepBet apps work?

Play 1 week or 6-week workout games and earn $40 to $50 for hitting your goals and cash out simply. Count your every step with the app and grow your money step by step.

This app has a 4.5 rating
And 2,068 review and comments

Already more than 100k+ install
Size 17 MB
Currently version 1.13.7

Number 10: Foap – Sell Your Photo

Sell your photo through foap and make money. Go on vacation or beach, take some goods photo and upload in foap all done!

People will come to love your photo and buy from you

So enjoy and upload unlimited photos

Experience beautiful photos from all around the worlds

Create your web portfolio

New buyers will come and buy from you

Get paid by Paypal

Foap has 3.8 rating

And 20,865 comments + review

1 million + install

Let me know if you want to know more about making money apps.
I will love to share my think and informative info you.
Just download & try on of the app and review that how it’s going to work for you.
And let me know which app you love to try fast?
And which app will really help you to make money?
Write-in comments below.

If you want to make $100 with zero investment?
Then you can read my case study hope it’s will help you to learn something well..
Take care and have a nice day..


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